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AppGate Secures Internal Networks

STOCKHOLM -- AppGate Network Security introduces a new range of Security Servers with the ability to connect up to twelve different networks, making it easy to segment the internal network.

The next generation of AppGate Security Servers, which feature faster processors and more network interfaces, are now being shipped. All servers will now include four network interfaces by default but this can be expanded up to twelve interfaces making it extremely easy to segment internal networks with application servers placed on different segments.

With one security server, up to twelve internal security domains or segments can be created, and all traffic from users to application servers on these networks will be checked and controlled. This reduces the need for internal firewalls and provides significantly more functionality and granular control than traditional firewall technology.

According to Dr. Tomas Olovsson CTO of AppGate: “Internal security is now easier than ever. This gives companies and other organisations an effective method of controlling access and protecting information in a way that is compliant with any requirement a company could have.”

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