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Android Apps Disclose More Than Users Know

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TOP STORY: Global CIO: HP CEO Apotheker Has Deep Expertise But Checkered History

MORE NEWS: Android Apps Disclose More Than Users Know

ANALYTIC REPORT: Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth

WHITEPAPER: Buying Storage: Key Criteria Revealed

SLIDESHOW: 15 Budget Busting Technology Projects

VIDEO: Second Shooter: From China: High-Speed Internet? Meh

BLOG: Welcome To The New Microsoft

WEBCAST: CRM Meets BPM: Turning Customers Into Loyal Fans

RESOURCES: Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Friday, October 1, 2010


"You can't get a pay raise when you're angry. People will react to the negative energy and will resist you." -- Stuart Wilde



Global CIO: HP CEO Apotheker Has Deep Expertise But Checkered History

HP is highlighting Leo Apotheker's experience but his ouster from SAP 8 months ago was marked by widespread customer unrest, product snafus, and awful morale among employees.


HP Taps Ex-SAP Head Leo Apotheker As New CEO

Global CIO: HP's $130-Billion Gamble

Global CIO: Is Larry Ellison Going Soft On HP And IBM?


Android Apps Disclose More Than Users Know

Half of applications studied share location information and unique identifiers with advertisers, many without disclosing this to users.

Cisco To Introduce Home Telepresence System

A $600 video conferencing system that includes a video camera and a device to connect to a HD TV will reportedly be launched by the network equipment maker.

Global CIO: Tibco Surges And CEO Flips Off IBM, Oracle, And SAP

Tibco's revenue is surging toward $1 billion because "20th-century" competitors like IBM, Oracle, and SAP "just don't have the goods," says CEO Vivek Ranadive.

Nokia N8 U.S. Debut Pushed Back 4 Weeks

InformationWeek has learned that U.S. customers won't receive the Symbian^3-based N8 smartphone from Nokia until the end of October.

Schwarzenegger Codifies California IT Reform

The executive order mandates consolidating data centers and other changes to create more efficient and cost-effective IT operations.

Astronomers Discover 'Class M' Planet

Breakthrough suggests the Milky Way may be "teeming" with potentially habitable bodies.

Google Street View Reaches Antarctica

Street View imagery now includes places on all seven of the world's continents.

Oct. 11 Looks Legit For Windows Phone Launch

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft and AT&T will jointly announce the first three Windows Phone 7 devices -- made by HTC, LG and Samsung -- at an event in New York on October 11.

Sharp Intros 3D TVs With Integrated Blu-ray Recorder

LCD televisions, to be sold in the Japanese market, utilize the BDXL recording format to store up to 87 hours of high-definition programming on a single disc.

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A private cloud can play a key role in your disaster recovery

We dig into the storage, LAN, and WAN requirements to build a cloud
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Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth

Is your IT group grappling with the cost and complexity of storing data? If you're looking to achieve greater efficiency, consider reservationless storage services, which improves utilization rates while cutting operational expenses. This ESG paper discusses new technologies that enable just-in-time storage provisioning.

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From Disaster Recovery To Continuous Data Protection

Continuous data protection used to be a pipe dream for most outside the financial world because of sky-high cost and complexity. That's changing, creating new options for businesses that require different thinking about disaster recovery.

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Featured Report


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Buying Storage: Key Criteria Revealed

Find out the key criteria you need to consider before making your next IT investment and why it's time to modernize your approach to storage.
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Dealing With the Data Deluge

Join us on Friday, October 1, at 2:00 p.m. EDT.
It's all about the data, isn't it? talks to MXenergy CIO Wayne Sadin on the trials, tribulations, and best practices of dealing with massive amounts of data in a wide variety of incompatible formats.
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15 Budget Busting Technology Projects

Large-scale information technology projects can balloon to inconceivable figures very quickly with endless revisions, change orders and delays pushing budgets into the stratosphere. Sometimes the cost of an IT project can be measured simply in dollars, but just as often these projects costly in other ways -- in reputation, for example. Regardless of how you quantify it, check out our slideshow of these 15 projects, which cost their organizations a bundle.   View Now


Top 12 PC Games Of All Time

12 Most Disruptive Enterprise IT Vendors


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Second Shooter: From China: High-Speed Internet? Meh

How is it China doesn't make high-speed Internet a priority?   Watch


The UBM Wiki

It's Personal: Body Tracin'




Featured BloggerWelcome To The New Microsoft

By Dave Methvin

It doesn't take a genius to see that Microsoft designed Windows Phone 7 to initially appeal to consumers, from the finger friendly user interface to the hardware specs that resemble the form factor made popular by the iPhone over three years ago. It doesn't mean that business needs are off the radar though.


Trusted Outsiders Can Be Big Security Risks

By Keith Ferrell

Ever have a trusted salesperson, contractor or customer bring by a flash drive with a file by for you to view on one of your company's machines? Ever regret letting the outsider's drive inside your perimeter?

Giving The Web Its Voice

By Jim Rapoza

Recent announcements, such as Google's addition of voice calling in Gmail, along with the partnership between Facebook and Skype, could be heralding a new age of interactivity for the Web. And talking with your voice on the web could become almost as common as typing.

SMBs Set Sights On Collaboration Suites

By Michele Pepe-Warren

The Age of the Suite is nigh. Up to now, point solutions for calendaring, document management, e-mail, and other collaborative tasks probably did the trick for most SMBs, but faced with an increasingly mobile work force and a geographically dispersed base of suppliers, partners, and customers, more and more small and midsize businesses are giving collaboration suites serious consideration.

How The Avaya/Skype Partnership Will Impact SMBs

By Paul Korzeniowski

Two of the leading voice communications suppliers, Avaya and Skype, have teamed up to offer small and medium businesses more calling options. The partnership has potential but may not be a panacea for companies searching for more effective voice communications systems.

Striving For A Higher Quality Application Store

By Ed Hansberry

Apple is the undisputed king of apps in its online store for the iPhone with the App Store, at least when it comes to the number of apps for sale. RIM isn't interested in competing at that level. Will shooting for a higher quality selection make an online market more popular than one with a bewildering selection?


CRM Meets BPM: Turning Customers Into Loyal Fans

In this interactive Webcast from Bank Systems & Technology and Wall Street & Technology, you'll learn how to dramatically improve both your operational efficiencies and your agility in responding to constantly changing consumer demands, by cohesively marrying business process management and CRM to attract satisfied, loyal customers.

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Interop New York, Oct. 18-22: The Leading Business Technology Event

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