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And the uber-geek award goes to...

While rummaging through the submissions for our upcoming Top 11 list, "Top 11 lame excuses for holding a LAN Gaming Party in your office," I simply couldn't resist publishing a couple of entires. Call them my "uber-geek" awards. First place goes to Owen Mathias for the following gem.

Have to keep the endians flowing through the TCP/IP stack or they will just get corrupted! Endian Corruption is our 24/7 best practice concern of the month Sir. Gaming packets are just the best way to stress test these little (and or Big) suckers.

and the runner up goes to Lance Johnson for this cleaver notion.

Email to all staff members: All the applications are down today, and we need to retest our methods of remote deployment; here's a pirate copy of "QUAKE II" for your enjoyment while you wait for the systems to come back online; click here to download. Thank you --The IT Department

Congratulations guys!*

*note no prizes were awarded during the publication of this blog entry.