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Amazon Cloud Hype Test | BB 10: RIM Doesn't Show Enough

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  Tuesday, May 01, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist BlackBerry 10: RIM Doesn't Show Key Pieces
By Eric Zeman
At BlackBerry World 2012, Research In Motion gave a preview of its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 platform. Unfortunately, RIM left too much out of sight and didn't deliver on enterprise focus.

BlackBerry World: 5 Changes RIM Users Must See
RIM Blackberry OS, Anyone? Tech Vendors Won't Bite

Amazon's 7 Cloud Promises: Hype Vs. Reality
Amazon says cloud computing is an indispensable enabler of seven important computing transformations. We hype-test the promises with a few reality checks.

Zynga Takes On Amazon In IaaS Game
Zynga will sell cloud infrastructure-as-a-service to other game makers who want a hosting platform. With this innovative play, Zynga just became Amazon's competitor.

Google Wardriving: How Engineering Trumped Privacy
Blame the Street View data collection practices on a "more is more" engineering mindset. And rethink your notions about privacy for unencrypted Wi-Fi data.

Barnes & Noble Deal Shows Microsoft's Patent Power
Bookseller could have continued expensive court battle with Microsoft over Android-based Nook, or cut Redmond a sweetheart deal. It chose the latter.

Collaborative Innovation Not Optional In Today's Economy
Given the global economic changes that began in 2008, we've been forced into a new way of working. Is your company burying its head in the sand, or taking the best that people have to give?

Woz Digs Windows Phone, But LG Doesn't
Apple's co-founder gives the Lumia 900 Windows Phone a public display of affection, while LG halts efforts to bring new Windows Phones to market.

No matter how hard the loss, defeat might serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out. -- Al Gore


BlackBerry World: 5 Changes RIM Users Must See
RIM Blackberry OS, Anyone? Tech Vendors Won't Bite
Strategy: Storage Virtualization Guide
A Balanced Approach: The Shift to Integrated Security Response Capabilities
Google Drive Privacy: 4 Misunderstood Facts
Self-Encrypting Drives: The Evolution of Encryption
Enterprise 2.0 Conference

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Posted By pgouldsw1:
"LG only have themselves to blame, making lacklustre handsets and then wondering why they did not sell."
In reply to: "Woz Digs Windows Phone, But LG Doesn't"
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Posted By Sam Iam:
"If you want to replace a Sony TV, you just replace it. If you want to replace Apple or Microsoft, you have to go through all the rigamarole of determining if your applications/services will be available on whatever you are moving to..."
In reply to: "Why Apple Will Never Equal Sony"
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Strategy: Storage Virtualization Guide
From thin provisioning to replication to federation, virtualization options can make your storage more supple and responsive-and free you from vendor lock-in. Our guide tells you how.
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Research: 2012 IT Salary Survey: Executives
Salaries for most of the 1,097 IT executives we surveyed are lower than they were in the previous two years: Median total compensation for CTOs fell to $129,000 from $140,000 in 2011. The exception? Those holding the chief information officer title got a $4,000 bump.
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Featured Report


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A Balanced Approach: The Shift to Integrated Security Response Capabilities
According to the October 2011 GAO Information Security report, there's been a 650% increase in federal government security incidents over the last five years. Corporate incidents have gone up due to the infiltration of mobile devices and more. Read this interview with the FBI's executive assistant director to learn more about the battle of keeping hackers away from corporate networks.
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The Revolution to Next-Generation Endpoint Security
Traditional endpoint security protection has now become ineffective due to the sheer volume, quality and complexity of malware. Download this paper to gain valuable insight on this problem, and how by going back to the drawing board on countering malware threats, endpoint protection is being revolutionized.
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Google Drive Privacy: 4 Misunderstood Facts
Privacy and security questions have bedeviled the launch of Google's new online file-storage service. Ignore the hype and consider these four key facts.

10 App Stars For New iPad Screen
Apple optimized its core tablet apps, including iMovie and iPhoto, for the new iPad. But look what else you can do with the gorgeous new Retina display.

No Hands-Free Phones In Cars: Why Stop There?
Let's outlaw distracting passengers in the name of safety. Or perhaps we can regulate a one-gag-per-passenger rule.

Google Street View Pursued Wardriving By Design
FCC slaps Google with a $25,000 fine for obstructing its investigation, but finds no laws broken when Google sniffed unencrypted Wi-Fi data, including usernames and passwords.

6 Ways To Turn Your iPad Into A Laptop
Apple says it won't make tablet-laptop hybrids, but these add-on products will turn your iPad into a work-friendly machine.


Amazon's 7 Cloud Promises: Hype Vs. Reality
Amazon says cloud computing is an indispensable enabler of seven important computing transformations. We hype-test the promises with a few reality checks.   View Now

Google Drive: 10 Alternatives To See
Oracle Vs. Google: Tour The Evidence


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Pyramid Preview: How Mobile Operators in Europe Monetize Consumer Cloud Computing Services   Watch

Zynga Masters The Hybrid Cloud, Turns It Into A Service
Startup DataSift's Big Data Platform



Self-Encrypting Drives: The Evolution of Encryption
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