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8 Mobile Tools For Security Pros

  • App: Network Toolbox

    Publisher: Marcus Roskosch

    Platform: iOS

    Cost: $3.99

    Find security issues and misconfigurations in your network with a swipe of the touchscreen using Network Toolbox, which serves up a number of useful functions, including ping, a socket analysis and terminal tool, FTP client, SSH client and default password list checker, spider utility, domain info lookup and network scan. Also included is a SHODAN search to find online devices on the network by keyword, country, port, network, hostname or OS, plus a map search by location.

  • App: SAP GRC Policy Survey

    Publisher:SAP AG

    Platform: iPad/BlackBerryPlayBook/Windows Tablet

    Cost: Free

    Risk managers already using SAP BusinessObjects governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software can tap into their systems to push out enterprise compliance policy assignments no matter where their employees are. When placed on employee devices, SAP GRC Policy Surveygives users the ability to receive, complete and submit GRC policy surveys, quizzes and acknowledgements.

  • App:: MokaFive

    Publisher: MokaFive

    Platform: iOS

    Cost: Free

    Another great tool on security pros' devices or for wider roll-out to any users who need to access sensitive data remotely by phone, MokaFive gives the IT department the power of containerizing that data in an "invisible, encrypted bubble" that these developers call a LiveData container. The data is isolated from the device and can easily be nuked without completely wiping the entire device.

  • App: Net Status

    Publisher: Pavel Ahafonau

    Platform: iOS

    Cost: $3.99

    Keep tabs on what's going on with your hosts, routers and other network devices using this handy tool. Net Status checks network services for availability and not only offers IT ops the ability to do diagnostics on the road, but can also give security folks an early warning of possible incidents when hosts or services go down. It comes with a robust list of pre-defined services to check against, plus the ability to add custom services.

  • App: iSSH

    Publisher: Zinger-Soft

    Platform: iOS

    Cost: $9.99

    Compatible for both iPhone and iPad, this SSH client gives peace of mind through functionality that enables SSH, Telnet, and VNC and RDP tunneling, with support for multiple, simultaneous connections. iSSH also offers agent forwarding and RSA and DSA key generation and exchange via email, password-connected SSH or pasteboard.

  • App: JaNet

    Publisher: Michele Nucci

    Platform: iOS

    Cost: $1.99

    IT admins can check for security holes on network devices using JaNet, which offers a host of tools for both security and diagnostic purposes. Some of the features include DNS queries and reverse DNS lookup, TCP/UDP port scanning, local and Wi-Fi network scanning, and trace hosts.

  • App: RSA SecurID Software Token

    Publisher: RSA, The Security Division of EMC

    Platform: Android/iOS

    Cost: Free

    Whether used by security admins or other employees who need to access sensitive remote resources requiring multi-factor authentication, RSA SecurID tokens are much more convenient when created on a smartphone than using one of those key-chain hardware tokens.

  • App: Silent Phone and Silent Text

    Publisher: Silent Circle

    Platform: iOS/Android

    Cost:Starts at $10 per month

    As government snooping concerns continue to make just about any typical citizen squeamish, the act of encrypting phone calls and texts is hardly reserved for "paranoid" security folk any more. Regardless of the motive, Silent Circle's two apps, Silent Phone and Silent Text, offer the ability to make phone calls, video chats and text transmissions that are encrypted end-to-end from a range of mobile devices.