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7 Slick Siri Alternatives | Tablet Buying Demystified: 10 Tips

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  Tuesday, May 28, 2013
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Between The Lines Columnist Tablet Buying Demystified: 10 Tips
By Jeff Bertolucci
Tablet shoppers face an ever-growing number of options beyond the iPad. We break down 10 key considerations.

Lenovo Windows 8 Ultrabook: My First 14 Days
5 Apple iPad 5 Wishes

7 Slick Siri Alternative Apps
Love it or hate it, Apple's Siri doesn't have to be the be-all and end-all of smart personal assistants. Check out these solid apps.

Chinese Hackers Stole U.S. Military Secrets
"Cyber exploitation" campaign obtained information relating to 29 weapon systems and 21 areas of cutting-edge research.

Huawei Faces Uphill Battle In Enterprise IT Market
The Chinese networking vendor faces security concerns, our survey data finds, as well as strategic challenges.

Twitter's Two-Factor Authentication: 5 Reasons To Avoid
Two-step verification system has no provision for backup access or lost phones, doesn't address public username problem.

Windows Phone 8 'Gets' Business Needs
For companies that provide smartphones to employees, Windows Phone 8 is worth a look. Here's why.

Google Chrome Browser Blurs OS Lines
Google talks about Chrome OS and the Chrome browser as though they're different products, but they're converging. Witness the new rich notifications feature.

20 People Who Changed Tech: Irving Kahn
The father of cable television was a visionary and a promoter extraordinaire, but never a candidate for sainthood.

"An ignorant person is one who doesn't know what you have just found out." -- Will Rogers


Google Chrome Browser Blurs OS Lines
20 People Who Changed Tech: Irving Kahn
9 Must-Have IT Skills For 2013
Virtualizing Disaster Recovery Using Cloud Computing
Cloud Security: It's Not Just For IT Anymore
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Posted By moarsauce123:
"As far as Win8 goes, take any action and compare the number of steps needed in Win8 with Win7. Almost everything requires more steps in Win8, including fishing for invisible buttons or landing areas to get the charms to show up."
In reply to: "Microsoft To Windows 8 Haters: Try This Mouse"
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  Digital Issue  
Our latest survey shows that security professionals are ready to take ownership of their strategies.

ALSO: Five counterintuitive insights from our recent CIO Summit; Huawei Faces Uphill Battle

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Research: 2013 Mobile Commerce Survey
Among nearly 900 qualified respondents to our poll, 71% say m-commerce is very or extremely important to the future of their organizations. However, just 26% have comprehensive strategies in place now. That spells opportunity.
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Featured Report
9 Must Have IT Skills for 2013
Demand for tech is on the rise, say 71% of the 728 respondents to our 2013 Outlook Survey. And these companies have a hefty list of projects on tap, from improving information security to mobility and making the most of data and innovative tasks. We asked 9 experts to weigh in on the skills and attributes needed to make big plans into reality.
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Weighing Ethernet Options Flexible Connections. Right Locations
This whitepaper examines three key Ethernet characteristics influencing your decision: topology, switching and transparency. It also and includes a solutions finder matrix showing how Ethernet technologies compare and contrast.
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Virtualizing Disaster Recovery Using Cloud Computing
Nobody likes to think about disaster recovery. But even with a flat IT budget, you need to have seamless failover and failback of critical business applications. Read this white paper to learn how cloud-based business resilience can provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional disaster recovery.
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7 Slick Siri Alternative Apps
Love it or hate it, Apple's Siri doesn't have to be the be-all and end-all of smart personal assistants. Check out these solid apps.   View Now

VMware Vs. Microsoft: 8 Cloud Battle Lines
Google I/O: 10 Big Developments


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Bob Metcalfe Plans Ethernet's 40th
The 'Father of Ethernet' comes back to PARC, the scene of the crime, to talk about Ethernet's future -- including a 40th birthday bash in May.   Watch

CES 2013: It's A Wrap!
CES; the car show



Cloud Security: It's Not Just for IT Anymore
Attend this webinar to learn more about social cloud solutions with application security that meet the needs of both IT and Line-of-Business (LOB). It happens Wednesday, May 22, 2013. More Information & Registration

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