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7 Hot Features: MS Mango | NASA CTO Launches Nebula

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Thursday, July 28, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistNASA's Former CTO Brings Cloud Appliance To Enterprise
By Charles Babcock
Early Google investors back Chris Kemp's 'garage' startup, Nebula, to build OpenStack appliance to compete with Microsoft, Cisco.

NASA CTO Resigns To Launch Startup
How to Choose A Cloud Storage Provider

Slideshow: 7 Hottest Features In Windows Phone 7 Mango
Microsoft this week shipped its Windows Phone "Mango" update to phone makers--adding key features to the smartphone OS that Microsoft is pitting...

Android Leaves Apple iOS In The Dust
Google's smartphone software pulls away from Apple iPhone platform in mobile OS market share race.

BBM 6.0 Brings Social To Mobile Apps
BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 turns the popular app from an IM service into a social platform, with benefits for BlackBerry app developers.

Hearsay Helps Big Social Marketing Campaigns Get Local
Social software specialist broadens support for launching major marketing campaigns with corporate control and local customization.

Google Fashion Police Want You; Microsoft Mango Struts Stuff
Dear [email protected]: Google says you're emailing like it's 1999. Take a visual tour of Microsoft's "Mango" smartphone OS.

Alleged LulzSec Spokesman Arrested In Scotland
British police arrest 18-year-old on hacking charges as part of ongoing investigation into Anonymous and LulzSec.

Social Media Vs. Organized Crime
White House launches plan to leverage social networks and new intelligence and information sharing technologies to fight crime on a global scale.

Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Alleged LulzSec Spokesman Arrested In Scotland
Social Media Vs. Organized Crime
State Of The IT Service Desk
Data Deduplication for Dummies
VMware Pricing Outrage: A Closer Look
Essential Elements for Simplifying APM
InformationWeek 500 Conference: The Need For Speed

Posted By jrapoza:
"Every system has bugs and holes and the best vendors and developers respond quickly to fix them and also provide good information and feedback to customers on the problem so they know what issues are involved."
In reply to: Apple iOS Bug Worse Than Advertised
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Posted By jbutterfield206:
"SAS be honest, you've raped and pillaged for so long. Why not just fess up and say 'guilty as charged' and let the prospect evaluate the current offerings? "
In reply to: Low-Cost Options For Predictive Analytics Challenge SAS, IBM
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Enterprise App Strategies: IT investment priorities -- in mobile, financial and performance management, and CRM -- dovetail with business relevance and boost IT visibility.

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State Of The IT Service Desk
Incident volume continues to rise, as new services are added and changes are continually made to existing services--infrastructure, apps, mobile devices and virtualization. IT support must better leverage service management frameworks, standards and practices to align its offerings with customer needs and business goals to demonstrate the value the IT service desk provides.
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Database Breaches: Lessons Learned From Real-World Attacks
In this Tech Center report, we profile five database breaches -- and extract the lessons to be learned from each. Plus: A rundown of six technologies to reduce your risk.
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Featured Report


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Data Deduplication for Dummies
Review methods for reducing the amount of duplicate data maintained by your organization and discover how data deduplication positively impacts your organization's data management.
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Research Revealed: Ponemon Data Breach Report
According to the 2010 U.S. Cost of a Data Breach, the average data breach costs companies $214 per compromised record. Download this white paper today to review the results of the study and discover the key factors driving companies to proactively protect themselves from malicious attacks.
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VMware Pricing Outrage: A Closer Look
Many IT admins want to continue over-provisioning memory to virtual machines. But that's not an efficient way to manage the data center.

OS X Lion Makes Windows 8 Too Late
Apple and Microsoft race to '"tablify" their desktop operating systems. Guess who's winning?

Microsoft And SUSE, Mozilla And Google: Strange Bedfellows
Redmond cashes in on Linux licenses, while Mozilla creates a new open source mobile operating system.

Apple iOS Bug Worse Than Advertised
Off-the-shelf sniffing tools can exploit the threat, but users of older iPhones and iPod Touches won't see a fix.

Facebook For Business Debuts, Watch Out Google?
Not a new service; rather, it's a portal to help businesses understand social marketing.



14 Cool Mobile Apps From Uncle Sam From a NASA app that keeps you up to date on space news to a Smithsonian app that shows what you'd look like as a caveman, federal agencies have cooked up innovative mobile apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users. Here are 14 of the most popular.   View Now

10 Tips: Improve BlackBerry PlayBook Battery Life
12 Brawny Business Intelligence Products For SMBs


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Essential Elements for Simplifying APM
Join us for a webcast that will kick off a five-part series focused on the essential elements of an effective management strategy for your IT environment from application to infrastructure. More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek 500 Conference: The Need For Speed
Join C-level executives from leading global companies as they gather to discuss how their organizations are turbo-charging business execution and growth -- how their accelerated enterprises manage cash more effectively, invest more wisely, delight customers more consistently, manage risk more profitably. It happens Sept. 11-13 in St. Regis Monarch Beach
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