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5M Apple iPhones Sold | Salesforce: The Next Oracle?

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  Monday, September 24, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist's Next Steps To Become The Next Oracle
By Doug Henschen is still tiny compared to giants like IBM, Oracle, and SAP, but there's plenty of room for fast growth in new markets. Here's what it needs to do next.

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Apple: 5M iPhones Sold, 100M iOS 6 Upgrades
Apple supply constraints seemed to limit new iPhone sales, while 100 million Apple devices got the new mobile operating system over the weekend.

Microsoft IE Patch Fixes Flaw Under Active Attack
Microsoft wins praise for quickly addressing five remote-execution security vulnerabilities, one of which is being used now in attacks.

Why Software-As-A-Service Could Be A Dead End
If enterprise apps all become SaaS, your software investment will have a very precise lifespan and return.

How Columbia Sportswear Will Survive Next Tsunami: Cloud
International sportswear provider pursues hybrid cloud disaster recovery plan, to avoid another data center shutdown as happened in the 2011 Japan tsunami.

Next Valley View: NetSuite, CitiGroup, And More
Tune in Sept. 26 for the next episode of our live Web TV series, including chats with NetSuite's CEO, a CitiGroup IT innovator, and some ambitious startups.

Mobile Is Not A Sideshow
Some businesses at GigaOm Mobilize conference report that mobile is 25% of their Web traffic, yet many enterprises still don't have mobile-optimized websites.

"When a subject becomes totally obsolete we make it a required course." ~ Peter Drucker


Next Valley View: NetSuite, CitiGroup, And More
Mobile Is Not A Sideshow
Research: 2012 InformationWeek 500 Full Report
How to Protect Your Organization from the Latest Cyber Attacks
NASA Curiosity Visual Tour: Mars, Revealed
Tapping the Power of Customer Voices on Social Media
InformationWeek 2013 Cisco Survey

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Posted By moarsauce123:
"Yes, mobile is important, but when even a high traffic web site like YouTube 'only' has 25% of web traffic from mobile then sidelining the remaining 75% is just really bad advice."
In reply to: "Mobile Is Not A Sideshow"
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Posted By JC000:
Apple didn't issue a mea culpa. There's no "We made a mistake." They just said how awesome they are, and "We're just getting started."
In reply to: "Nokia Kicks Apple's Map In The Apps"
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  Digital Issue  
Upgrading isn't the easy decision that Win 7 was. We take a close look at Server 2012, changes to mobility and security, and more in the new digital issue of InformationWeek.

Also in this issue: Why you should have the difficult conversations about the value of OS and PC upgrades before discussing Windows 8.

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Join us on September 26 for Valley View, our exciting live video show. n addition to an exclusive chat with NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson, and an in-studio interview with CitiGroup CTO Yobie Benjamin, we'll feature our new Elevator Pitch session, a rapid-fire deluge of information about new technology approaches.

One company's elevator pitch we'll be highlighting: Crowdstrike.

Crowdstrike is still in a bit of stealth mode, but its approach to information security is garnering a great deal of attention: use big data to help businesses focus on adversaries, rather than figuring how to pour limited dollars toward building a bigger fortress. Crowdstrike believes that by understanding who the adversaries are, businesses have a better chance of preventing attacks. Fresh off a $26 million infusion of funding, this team's impressive collective history in the security industry may well be the next big thing. CEO George Kurtz will tell us all about this new approach in his elevator pitch.

Other Elevator Pitches featured: Appthority (Mobile Security), Kontiki (Enterprise Video), Cliqr (Cloud Management), Fusion-io (flash memory for the data center).

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Research: 2012 InformationWeek 500 Full Report
While 29% of participants in our annual ranking of business technology innovators say lowering business or IT costs is a priority, that's down sharply from 47% just three years ago. Today's focus is on the customer, with 37% citing widespread deployment of customer-facing mobile apps. Add cloud computing and big data analytics to the mix, and you can see it's a whole new game.
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Featured Report
Strategy: E-Discovery, Mobility and the Cloud
Do you know everywhere business documents reside? Storage pros are often tasked with aiding discovery, yet as IT increasingly relies on cloud repositories while employees substitute mobile devices for PCs, that question is getting much harder to answer. Problem is, in the event of litigation, courts won't accept 'the cloud ate my homework' as an excuse. Here's how to cope.
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Featured Report


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How to Protect Your Organization from the Latest Cyber Attacks
Defend your organization against the kind of sophisticated and devastating cyber attacks seen in the first half of 2012 by staying current on the most effective threats and why they work. Find out why senior executives with enterprise-level security responsibility, gain valuable insight into the most lethal attacks of this year and how they are successfully evading traditional defenses.
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Why the Future of Cloud is Open
Choosing how to build a hybrid cloud is perhaps the most strategic decision IT leaders will make this decade. Find out why, when done right, a cloud delivers strategic advantages to the business by redirecting resources from lights-on to innovation.
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NASA Curiosity Visual Tour: Mars, Revealed
NASA's car-like Curiosity rover beams back views from the Red Planet, revealing the most detailed depiction of Mars surface to date.

Apple iOS 6: 10 Most Interesting Features
Apple's iOS 6 has some great tweaks and a few misses. Take our visual tour of the must-know changes.

Nokia Kicks Apple's Map In The Apps
Apple issued a mea culpa late Thursday in an attempt to deflect criticism of its Apple Maps application, which is a core part of iOS 6. Nokia took the opportunity to jump on Apple's mistake.

Curiosity Rover To Get On-The-Go Photo Capability
Software's see-and-react code, which lets rover snap pictures of rocks without stopping, could be adapted for other uses, such as "calling home" when the rover sees something unusual.

Windows 8 Vs. Windows RT: 8 Key Differences
With the introduction of Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft splits its flagship OS into two distinct flavors. Examine the most important contrasts.


Apple iOS 6: 10 Most Interesting Features
Apple's iOS 6 has some great tweaks and a few misses. Take our visual tour of the must-know changes.   View Now

My iPhone 4S Upgrade To iOS 6 In Pictures
12 Top Health Apps From Uncle Sam


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Tapping the Power of Customer Voices on Social Media
Customers have always talked about brands around the kitchen table. Now, social media gives brands an opportunity to become part of the conversation. Join us Friday, September 21st to learn how this new well of knowledge can help you achieve your marketing goals. More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek 2013 Cisco Survey
InformationWeek is conducting a survey to uncover your organization's experiences with Cisco products and services. One lucky participant will win a 32GB Apple iPod touch!
Survey ends 9/21

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