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2002 Network Computing Search SiteGeist

In honor of's yearly Google Zeitgeist, we've put together our own little list of the search terms used on during during 2002.

  • Most popular search term: Search
  • Five most popular (sensible) search terms:
    1. vpn
    2. wireless
    3. voip
    4. backup
    5. san
  • Most popular company name: Cisco
  • Most sought after NWC Editor: Lori MacVittie
  • Longest search phrase: enterprise information portals or enterprise portals or portal software or content management or information management or business intelligence or knowledge management or km or bi or cm or customer relationship management or crm or categorization or classification or classifier or classification software or search engines or enterprise search or summarizer or summarization technology or automatic hyperlinking or personalization or concept search or semantic network or neural network or theme extraction or concept extraction
  • Most disturbing search phrase: serial killer or killer or murderer
  • Most popular misspelt search term: encryptinon
  • Most geeky search term: foo
  • Most popular freeware search term: sendmail
  • Search term least likely to yield results: hells angel
  • Search term most likely to represent a hacking attempt: password
  • Most painful search term: network collisions
  • Most off-topic search term: pottery barn
  • Biggest cry for help: how make backup server
  • Most non-committal search phrase: harbor or harbour or port
  • Most yummiest search term: yogurt