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15 New Rules For IT | Privacy Threats Worse Than Google

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Monday, March 5, 2012
Between The Lines Columnist 8 Privacy Threats Worse Than Google
By Thomas Claburn
Google's privacy policy tweaks this week caused a fresh flurry of outrage. But Google should not be your top privacy worry.

Google Insists Privacy Change Is Legal
Google Defends Privacy Policy Consolidation

15 New Rules For IT To Live By
The old IT rulebook is obsolete, but the new one that accounts for the rise of mobile, social, and analytics hasn't been written. Consider this a first draft, so your revisions are welcome.

Anonymous Allies Hit With Zeus Malware
Fraudsters steal hacktivist supporters' banking, webmail logins by modifying Anonymous attack tool with a hidden Trojan.

Can SSL Certificate Checking System Be Saved?
Google says Web certificate revocation checking system is broken, joins other browser vendors at RSA to discuss solutions.

Cloud Will Create 14 Million Jobs, Study Says
Microsoft and IDC study predicts media, banking, and manufacturing sectors will see biggest job gains related to cloud computing.

Apple Ahead Of Google With 25B App Downloads
Twenty-five billion applications have been downloaded from the App Store, putting it well ahead of Google's Android Market. But Google is growing at a faster rate.

Hadoop Meets Near Real-Time Data
Sidestepping HDFS and using Informatica's messaging software, MapR says it will be the first to stream data into the big data platform.

How To Become An App Millionaire
Fire Maple Games owner Joe Kauffman says his secret is great entertainment. But his success story also includes Corona SDK, a programming tool that fuels iOS, Android, and soon OS X apps from one code base.

10 Sights To See: Mobile World Congress
Explore the sights from Mobile World Conference 2012, Barcelona, where the Google booth slide is always open and the food and fashion never disappoint.

Distrust and caution are the parents of security. -- Benjamin Franklin


How To Become An App Millionaire
10 Sights To See: Mobile World Congress
Fundamentals: Private Cloud Blueprint
Defending Against Advanced Persistent Threats
Windows 8 Beta: How To Boost Performance
Private PaaS For The Enterprise: Myth Or Reality?
IT Spending Survey

Posted By hlubinv8l:
"Windows 8 is like an ocean liner heading for an iceberg. It's too late to turn things around, and all that we bystanders can do is wait for the inevitable to happen."
In reply to: "Windows 8 Tablets Could Be Risky Business"
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Posted By Brian Shea:
"The concept of a dual persona is tough for some people to grasp...importance of separating work and personal, it is like explaining percentages or fractions to them."
In reply to: "4 BYOD Security Strategies For Small Business"
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Also this issue: • Randy Mott named CIO of General Motors
• How Dell is pushing into the enterprise
• Eight key features in Windows 8

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Fundamentals: Private Cloud Blueprint
From network and storage virtualization to automation and orchestration to promoting your private cloud services, our guide takes you through the essentials needed to build a private cloud.
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Featured Report
Strategy: Hadoop and Big Data
We examine where Hadoop came from, how it can be used today and how to determine whether it is the right solution for your company's big data needs.
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Featured Report


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Defending Against Advanced Persistent Threats
Organizations of all sizes need to be aware of the risks posed by APTs and take appropriate steps to protect sensitive data. This paper provides an overview of APTs, examples and steps for defending against APTs as well as case studies that detail actual attacks.
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Software Configuration Management Best Practices
Software configuration management (SCM) comprises of factors such as compliance, workflow, security, process management, code review, build management and team work. An important piece of any software development process, SCM practices define for development teams how software will be developed and eventually released. This white paper introduces the five SCM best practices that are essential for software development success.
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Windows 8 Beta: How To Boost Performance
Features like Secure Boot, Hyper-V virtualization, and touch-screen computing need the right combination of hardware, software, and settings to work as advertised.

Windows 8 Tablets Could Be Risky Business
Microsoft's admission that Windows on ARM tablets are best for "unmanaged environments" could lock them out of the enterprise computing market.

Windows 8 Beta: Visual Tour
Take a closer look at Microsoft's radically revamped Windows 8 OS, out now in a consumer preview version. Here's the lowdown on features, apps, hardware, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Beam Turns Heads: MWC 2012
Samsung launches its slimmest projector phone ever, the Galaxy Beam, along with a stylish, updated version of Galaxy Note tablet, at Mobile World Congress. Check out our video coverage.

How One SMB Went Green With iPads
West Paw Design discovered that Apple's tablets let the pet supply company save money, improve productivity, and reduce its environmental impact.


Windows 8 Beta: Visual Tour
Take a closer look at Microsoft's radically revamped Windows 8 OS, out now in a consumer preview version. Here's the lowdown on features, apps, hardware, and more.   View Now

10 Sights To See: Mobile World Congress
Tablet Shootout: Which Fits Your Enterprise?


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MWC 2012: NFC-powered Parking Meters and Retail, courtesy of NXP
NXP's chips are in 48 different mobile devices worldwide, helping make your life easier through NFC chips. From enabling Google Wallet transactions to Foursquare checkins, NFC will be part of your future.   Watch

MWC 2012: Samsung's New Galaxy Note Tablet & Galaxy Beam
MWC 2012: Novatel Shows Off Global Mifi Devices



Private PaaS For The Enterprise: Myth Or Reality?
This Cloud Connect webcast looks at the landscape and drivers for private platform as a service and issues for enterprises moving development resources to the cloud. It happens March 7. More Information & Registration

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IT Spending Survey
InformationWeek is conducting a survey on IT spending priorities. Upon completion of our survey, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive an 16-GB Apple iPad 2.
Survey ends March 9

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