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14 Security Tips From Anonymous | Salesforce Opens Chatter

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Between The Lines Taps HTML5 For Tablets, Opens Up Chatter
By Doug Henschen
Early 2012 releases will bring a tablet-optimized mobile app, customer-facing collaboration options, and SharePoint integration for Chatter.

Web Vs. Native Development: There's No Winner Adds Android, RIM Tablet Support, HTML5 Site

14 Enterprise Security Tips From Anonymous Hackerr
Former Anonymous member "SparkyBlaze" advises companies on how to avoid massive data breaches.

Social Data Sharing Standard Nears Finish Line
Facebook, Google have already backed the OAuth 2.0 authentication scheme. What's holding up this "valet key" for social data?

VMware Users Stay Loyal Despite Price Hike
VMworld attendees don't like the recent vSphere 5 licensing price changes--but they have little appetite for moving elsewhere, either, according to our man-on-the-show-floor conversations.

Apple iTunes Match Enters Beta
Developers can start playing with the iTunes Match component of Apple's forthcoming iCloud file storage service.

Americans Using Web More For Federal Customer Service
But only 31% say they're "very satisfied" with federal customer service so far in 2011, survey shows.

EMC Rolls Out VMware-Aware Storage Management Tool
Virtual Storage Integrator enables server administrators to manage provisioning of servers, storage.

Google, OpenDNS Team To Speed Web Traffic
Collaborative project with content delivery networks aims to change the way content gets served to users.

Be open to the amazing changes which are occurring in the field that interest you. -- Leigh Steinberg


EMC Rolls Out VMware-Aware Storage Management Tool
Google, OpenDNS Team To Speed Web Traffic
Very Virtual: Storage For Highly Converged Networks
Accelerate Data Access with Enterprise SSD
Gmail Attack Highlights Web Insecurity
Bringing Sustainability to the Data Center
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Posted By NunNone:
"Windows phone 7 does not support any of the above platforms, emulated other interprested, not even Java. So what is the incentive for any of the millions of Financial Spread Betting clients worldwide to get a Windows Phone 7 -- NONE."
In reply to: Nokia Hinging WP7 Success On Design Chops
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Posted By HariTech:
"I heard Steve Gibson mention this on Security Now some time back. If you can't trust the CA's and there are many of them then the whole SSL infrastructure is vulnerable."
In reply to: Gmail Attack Highlights Web Insecurity
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Microsoft and Citrix are closing the gap with VMware. Before you roll out the latest edition of vSphere, reconsider your virtualization platform.

ALSO: Into every public cloud a little downtime must fall. We outline the steps to maximize availability and keep you from getting soaked by outages.

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Very Virtual: Storage For Highly Converged Networks
Enterprises are moving beyond server consolidation, widely implementing server virtualization technologies. But these systems radically alter the storage workloads. Beyond performance, server virtualization demands a new level of connectivity and integration between host and storage. Read our report.
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Charge IT: Why We Need Usage-Based Accounting
A service catalog is pivotal in moving IT from an unresponsive mass of corporate overhead to an agile business partner. In this report, we chart the new service-oriented IT landscape and provide a guide to the key components: service catalogs, cost and pricing models, and financial systems integration.
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Accelerate Data Access with Enterprise SSD
It takes world-class engineering to make enterprise-class solid-state drives. The controller of SSD determines its reliability, availability and serviceability of an SSD. Download this brief to review SSD controller technologies that are engineered from the ground-up for demanding environments with high workloads and continuous duty cycles.
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Security and Trust: The Backbone of Doing Business over the Internet
Gaining the trust of online customers is vital for the success of any company that requires sensitive data to be transmitted over the Web. Most consumers are concerned that their sensitive information will be intercepted in-transit, or perhaps the destination web site is manned by imposters with malicious intent. Learn how to implement a security strategy that keeps consumers' information secure and instills the confidence they need to do business with your company.
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Gmail Attack Highlights Web Insecurity
A man-in-the-middle attack that relied on an unauthorized Google SSL certificate has revived concern over whether any Web communication is really secure.

VMware Horizon Mobile: Work Phone, Inside Your Phone
VMware's new technology unveiled at VMworld essentially allows a phone within a phone--addressing some key worries for enterprise IT.

HP TouchPad To Be Updated, But What's Next?
HP preps a software update and new apps after a surge of interest in the $99 tablet. Will HP resurrect it in some way?

VMware's Next Act: Operations Expert
When it comes to transforming the data center, VMware is writing the story. And the theme is automation.

Nokia Hinging WP7 Success On Design Chops
Want to know what Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 will look like? Take a peek at the MeeGo-based N9 for a pretty good idea.



11 iPad Apps For Better Collaboration
The Apple iPad's inherent mobility makes it an obvious weapon for efficient enterprise collaboration--provided you're armed with the right apps.   View Now

10 Key Steve Jobs Moments and Innovations
10 Cool Social Media Monitoring Tools


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WhisperCore Mitigates Risks Of Android In Businesses
TechWebTV catches up with Whisper Systems' CTO and co-founder Moxie Marllinspike to discuss and demo WhisperCore -- a mobile security solution that brings BlackBerry-like centralized enterprise-grade security to Android devices.   Watch

MANDIANT CSO Talks Threats To His Company and His Clients
Intel Labs Invests in the Future of Cloud and Embedded Computing



Bringing Sustainability to the Data Center
In this webcast we will explore the benefits of operating a sustainable data center and then discuss concrete strategies that IT and facilities managers can use to save water, energy and natural resources, reduce environmental impact and improve indoor air quality. It happens Tuesday, September 13, 2011 -- Time: 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET More Information & Registration

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