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12 Epic Tech Fails | Top Mobile Stories of 2011

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Wednesday, Dec 21, 2011
Between The Lines Columnist 5 Biggest Mobile Stories Of 2011
By Eric Zeman
From mergers to phones, wireless technologies, and mobile operating systems, 2011 was an explosive one for the mobile industry. Here are the five biggest stories of the year.

Top Methods To Manage Mobile Mayhem
Why Your Phone Hasn't Been Updated Yet

12 Epic Tech Fails Of 2011
From Apotheker to Zuckerberg, tech chiefs had plenty of time on the hot seat this year. Take a look back at the notable product, strategy, and security fails of 2011.

Android Lost Ground In November
After two years on the rise, Google declined in mobile ad impressions in November. Will the Kindle Fire reverse the recent trend?

Ransomware Attackers Pose As Police
Official-looking pop-ups claim discovery of child pornography, terrorist activity, then lock the victim's machine until a ransom is paid.

Software Security: Fewer Vulnerabilities In 2011
There was a decline in the number of software security vulnerabilities disclosed to the public, as well as the proportion of flaws that were exploited. Is secure development paying off?

Radian6 Chief: Ignoring Social Could Bring 'CEO Spring'
Companies must embrace enterprise social media in 2012 or be overrun by it, says Marcel LeBrun.

Microsoft Wins Patent Claim Against Motorola
International Trade Commission, however, rejects several other patent claims that Microsoft filed against Motorola.

iPhone 4/4S Battery Cases Compared
Your iPhone 4S probably doesn't have adequate battery life. You're going to need a case anyway, so buy one that has an extra battery in it.

I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. -- Jewish Proverb


Microsoft Wins Patent Claim Against Motorola
iPhone 4/4S Battery Cases Compared
Fundamentals: Application Virtualization
Microsoft Windows 7 and Office Key Initiative Overview
10 Essential Cloud Apps For SMBs
The Rise of Social Networks in the Enterprise
It's Back! Our Annual IT Salary Survey

Posted By BCARRIER IQ000:
"Hell no, no one should follow sprints lead, they started this mess and are the largest carrier for carrier IQ."
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Posted By SimonS1:
"Intel doesn't do low power well. It is kind of the nature of x86 and CISC, although Intel has been good at squeezing as much as possible out of x86."
In reply to: "What If Microsoft And Intel Weren't Two Years Late?"
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Outlook 2012: IT should expect soaring demand but cautious hiring as companies use technology to try to get closer to customers.

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Fundamentals: Application Virtualization
The evolution of virtualization has exposed complexities in application distribution and management that we couldn't have imagined in the days of disposable disk images. Our Application Virtualization report will help you get started.
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Featured Report


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Microsoft Windows 7 and Office Key Initiative Overview
To avoid disruptions, IT leaders must position their organizations to complete a migration to Windows 7 in a timely and cost-effective manner. In this research paper, Gartner research presents tools, best practices and policies to reduce Windows 7 and Office 2010 migration costs by as much as 50%.
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Virtualization and the Data Center: How to Build an Intelligent, Consolidated, Virtualized Data Center
CIOs today must support more revenue generating projects without expanding, rebuilding or moving their data centers. Virtualization is one option to consolidate resources and make this happen. However, virtualizing the data center with existing servers is not the best solution. Learn how to create a manageable, scalable environment suited to answer real-time business needs by building out a data center on a standards-based, virtualization-aware, energy-efficient and affordable platform.
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10 Essential Cloud Apps For SMBs
Online tools let you get going fast and pay as you go, two factors that appeal especially to SMBs. From productivity to analytics, these 10 apps deserve your attention.

Top 15 Facebook Apps For Business
While many of Facebook's 500 million users waste part of their days growing virtual crops or committing imaginary crimes, there are many Facebook applications designed to actually improve business productivity. There are more than 550,000 active applications on the Facebook platform, according to the social network, with many designed specifically to improve business practices or better-integrate Facebook into a company's operations. Many business apps are free. Often, fee-based apps offer a basic service at no charge. Frequently, only limited support, usually via Facebook, is available. In addition to general-purpose business applications, there are apps for specific verticals and jobs such as real estate, education, the entertainment industry, Web design, and marketing. These 15 are worth a look.

5 Innovations IBM Says Will Change Your Life
Mind-reading PCs, people-powered generators, and an end to passwords could all become realities within the next five years, according to Big Blue.

10 Epic Android Apps
Among the hundreds of thousands of Android apps, we've rounded up 10 epic, must-have choices. These apps will save your bacon, day in and day out.

Benioff's Dream: Toppling Microsoft, Oracle, And SAP's CEO expounds on the social revolution, cloud computing and his goal of creating a $10-billion-a-year company.


10 Innovative Clinical Decision Support Programs
What provides the smarts behind an advanced implementation of electronic health records? Clinical decision support systems. It may be time to revisit your CDS vendor options.   View Now

Apple's Year In Review, 2011
10 Cool iPad Apps From Uncle Sam


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Martin Odersky on Scala
Dr Dobb's talks with Martin Odersky, designer of the Scala Language, about the latest developments and directions in this increasingly popular language.   Watch

Katherine Garcia
iPhone Battery Cases Compared



The Rise of Social Networks in the Enterprise
A new software industry is growing to bring the popular features of social networks into enterprise software. Join us for this webcast and learn how social networking techniques can improve business productivity. It happens Thursday, January 5, 2012. More Information & Registration


It's Back! Our Annual IT Salary Survey
For the 15th consecutive year, InformationWeek is conducting its U.S. IT Salary Survey. Upon completion of the survey, you will be eligible to enter a contest for prizes including a Bravia HDTV or iPad 2, and get a link to download our report once it is published.
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