• 02/03/2016
    9:00 AM
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10 Best Sites For Free Online IT Classes

For self-starters interested in technology, there have never been so many options for free online education.


Hello! Sure! it's very

Hello! Sure! it's very helpful. Thank you

Cybrary - Free Online Cyber Security Training

Cybrary is great for IT security training!

Re: Cybrary - Free Online Cyber Security Training

Except their tests have issues, such as questions that have nothing to do with the subject, no review system in place for your test results, and handing out fictitious scores that due to the problem of not being able to review cannot be clarified.

Where are the links?

i notice links in your slideshow to resources, but some of them are pointing tpo the secondary resource, like the OEDB slide has a link to one of the courses it links to but no link to OEDB itself. NVM, I found the links (yes they ARE there)