• 10/12/2015
    8:00 AM
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7 Storage Experts You Must Follow

Storage experts abound on Twitter and writing blogs, both independent and vendor-affiliated. Weve chosen some storage gurus who offer a wide range of perspective.


Keeping up with storage

The storage industry is moving so fast today that it really helps to follow these experts who keep close tabs on storage developments and help get past a lot of the hype. 

Community members, if there are others you'd add to this list, please let us know!

Re: Keeping up with storage

I guess one of the big game changer in security market is Big Data wherein storage is impacted and concluded by how it is processed and not by capacity.

Re: Keeping up with storage

Hi @aditshar, are you talking about applying big data to help with security analytics?

Re: Keeping up with storage

Thank you Christine for your listing of storage experts.   One can never have enough storage resources, it is a task that I have to tackle in the coming months.

Re: Keeping up with storage

@aditshar    I recently experienced how important protocols are to accessing stores in an OS X based network.  I was trying to use smb and having all sorts of write issues with it and then I tried afp and all was well. 

Lesson learned.  Using the incorrect protocol for certain NAS's is a big headache.


Bob McCouch suggested a great addition to the list via Twitter: @JK47theweapon