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IT Certifications Guaranteed To Boost Your Career
Network Computing Editors, Education
Certifications can help advance your IT career and get you a raise. These certifications in specialties like cloud, virtualization, and systems engineering from AWS, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft and others are among the highest in demand.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Ethernet Roadmap: A Raft Of New Speeds
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
The Ethernet Alliance's new roadmap charts out an ambitious path for the networking technology to meet increasing data center demands.
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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Staying Ahead Of The Data Deluge
Alex Patent, VP, Global Infrastructure Architecture Leader, NielsenCommentary
Data is core to Nielsen's business. Here's how the company is transforming its IT environment to tackle the data explosion.
By Alex Patent VP, Global Infrastructure Architecture Leader, Nielsen,
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12 Must-See Presentations At Interop Las Vegas
Network Computing Editors,
This year's Interop conference is jam-packed with learning opportunities. Here are a dozen educational sessions you won't want to miss.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Will Containers Sink The All-Flash Array?
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
All-flash arrays are touted as solutions for virtual desktop deployments and big data, but virtual containers and Docker could undercut that.
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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Windows Server 2003 End Of Life: The Silver Lining
Colm Keegan, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy GroupCommentary
With the EOL date for Microsoft's old server software fast approaching, IT pros should seize the opportunity to improve data center operations by boosting data protection, APM, and security.
By Colm Keegan Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group,
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The Software-Defined Data Center: 5 Tips For Success
Aaron Bawcom, Chief Technology Officer, StrataCloudCommentary
Moving to software-defined infrastructure can help companies be more efficient and agile, but requires reengineering of IT processes.
By Aaron Bawcom Chief Technology Officer, StrataCloud,
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2015 Best of Interop Finalists: 27 Groundbreaking Products
Network Computing Editors,
Check out the finalists in this year's Best of Interop awards, which honors innovation in nine technology categories including networking, security and storage.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Hybrid WAN Requires A New Connectivity Model
Khalid Raza, CTO, ViptelaCommentary
Hybrid WAN can ease application deployment, but to make it a reality, we need to switch from a network topology to a service topology.
By Khalid Raza CTO, Viptela,
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Budgeting For Flash
Lazarus Vekiarides, CTO & Co-Founder, ClearSky DataCommentary
Flash is fast, but expensive. Ask these three questions to make sure your flash storage investment makes sense for your data lifecycle needs.
By Lazarus Vekiarides CTO & Co-Founder, ClearSky Data,
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VMware VSAN: Reality Vs. Hype
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
VMware's Virtual SAN is touted for its performance, lower cost and scalability, but emerging trends such as white-box storage undercut those claims.
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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SDS & Hyperconvergence: Sense & Nonsense
Howard Marks, Network Computing BloggerCommentary
Howard Marks uncovers the meaning behind software-defined storage, how hyperconvergence fits in, and where these technologies make sense -- and don't.
By Howard Marks ,
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SDN Interest Shifts Toward The WAN
Dr. Jim Metzler, Founder & Vice President, Ashton, Metzler & AssociatesCommentary
Software-defined networking improves network utilization and efficiency, and as the technology matures, enterprises are looking to apply those benefits to their WAN and campus networks.
By Dr. Jim Metzler Founder & Vice President, Ashton, Metzler & Associates,
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Backup Appliances: 5 Considerations
Robbie Wright, Virtualization & Cloud Computing Strategist, CommVaultCommentary
Appliances in your backup infrastructure can help save you time and money. Weigh these issues to ensure you choose the right one for your business.
By Robbie Wright Virtualization & Cloud Computing Strategist, CommVault,
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Big Data Deployment Models: Open Vs. Proprietary
Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy GroupCommentary
Open source data platforms like Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB are core to the big data market, but vendors supporting the platforms are winning over enterprises with proprietary tools.
By Nik Rouda Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group,
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Docker Orchestration Tools: The New Options
Scott S. Lowe, Engineering ArchitectCommentary
What are Docker Machine and Docker Swarm and how can they impact your use of the container technology? Scott Lowe explains.
By Scott S. Lowe Engineering Architect,
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SDN Shows Promise For Security
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
Improved security is emerging as a major reason for adopting software-defined networking, but concerns about potential SDN risks persist.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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Enterprise Technology Trickle Down
Doug Hazelman, Chief Evangelist, Veeam SoftwareCommentary
Most IT hardware starts with enterprise adoption and makes its way slowly to the SMB. Does software follow the same path?
By Doug Hazelman Chief Evangelist, Veeam Software,
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SDN: An Enabler For NFV
Nicholas Ilyadis, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Infrastructure & Networking Group, Broadcom CorporationCommentary
Software-defined networking and NFV can be used independently, but SDN makes it much easier to implement and manage NFV.
By Nicholas Ilyadis Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Infrastructure & Networking Group, Broadcom Corporation,
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Nanosecond Storage Performance Latencies? Get Ready
Frank Denneman, Technology Evangelist, PernixDataCommentary
Predictable and persistent microsecond storage performance will usher in new possibilities in application development and capabilities in the data center.
By Frank Denneman Technology Evangelist, PernixData,
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