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Zappos Hack Exposes Passwords | SAP Beating Oracle On Apps

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Between The Lines Columnist SAP Leads, Oracle Lags In Enterprise Apps
By Doug Henschen
Strong results at SAP, Epicor and Infor present a sharp contrast to Oracle's lagging quarterly sales.

SAP Steps Up Mobile, Cloud And In-Memory Commitments
SAP Finally Picks Up The Pace On Cloud

Zappos Hack Exposes Passwords
Zappos tells 24 million customers to change passwords; special password-reset website was unavailable to non-U.S. customers.

Nokia Shouldn't Panic At Lumia 710 Price Drop
Walmart offers Nokia's brand-new Lumia 710 for free with a contract, but naysayers should button their lips about Nokia's doom.

One Way To Fix SharePoint's Outlook Problem
Microsoft's Outlook-SharePoint integration is terrible. But add-ons, including Scinaptic's OnePlaceMail, can help.

10 Security Trends To Watch In 2012
From cyber espionage to Android malware, expect to see a greater variety and quantity of attacks than ever before.

Online Tools Slice, Dice EPA Emissions Data
An interactive map lets you break down and visualize data from nine industry groups on 2010 emissions in the United States

Smartphone Keyboards Vs. Your Productivity
What's keeping you from being more productive with your smartphone? Users gripe about keyboards and password requirements, survey says.

Should SMBs Spend Big On Social?
New research projects social media ad spending by SMBs will skyrocket during the next five years. Is it money well spent?

Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it. -- Agatha Christie

"The Innovative CIO: Leadership, Innovation, and Global Change," an executive education program running in March at Stanford University. The three-day program includes keynote, classroom, and other hands-on sessions focused on the CIO's role in driving innovation.
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Smartphone Keyboards Vs. Your Productivity
Should SMBs Spend Big On Social?
IT Pro Impact: Windows Developer Road Map
Lightweight Application Development Systems Ride the Cloud
9 Mobile Health Apps Worth A Closer Look
Maximize ROI with Database Consolidation onto Private Clouds
We're Accepting Nominations For The InformationWeek 500

Posted By OldUberGoober:
"With GE's engineering background and six sigma expertise, they should have a pretty good idea about at what value equipment is out of specifications and at what value it is dangerously out of spec."
In reply to: "GE's Huge Software Ambition: 3 Key Takeaways"
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THIS EDITION: Secure Mobile Apps
More than 700 IT pros gave us an earful on database licensing, performance, NoSQL, and more. That story and more--including a look at transitioning to Win 8--in our latest all-digital issue of InformationWeek.

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IT Pro Impact: Windows Developer Road Map
Ready to catch the Metro? Windows 8 is a major shift, with features borrowed from desktop gadgets and mobile devices, and it brings a slew of new paradigms for developers. Here's what you need to know.
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Featured Report
Research: Physical and Logical Security Convergence
As employees become more dispersed, physical security measures need to evolve and merge with logical controls. But our trending shows a stunning dearth of innovation and investment in technologies, as well as a lack of integration with SEIM systems. In this report, we'll shed light on this often overlooked but important part of any security posture.
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Lightweight Application Development Systems Ride the Cloud
In this white paper, IDG highlights companies' confidence level in deploying custom Java applications in the cloud. Learn how to accelerate application deployment and transition to cloud computing by virtualizing applications, implementing a lightweight development framework for building modern applications and deploying them in a lightweight runtime environment that is ideally suited for virtual environments.
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Proof of Identity: How to Choose Multifactor Authentication
User names and passwords are no longer sufficient authentication. In a time when so much business depends on the Internet, security requirements and regulatory mandates are putting pressure on business to adopt strong, multifactor authentication methods. In this Tech Center report, we explain how to weigh cost vs. risk to select the Web authentication method for your high-risk applications.
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9 Mobile Health Apps Worth A Closer Look
There's no doubt: Clinicians love their mobile devices. Among many new health apps, here are 9 that healthcare professionals and their patients should investigate.

CES 2012 Gadget Wrap-Up: Cool To Crazy
The Consumer Electronics Show offers thousands of products, from the sublime to the bizarre. Check out some of the more notable entries of 2012.

Social Malice: One In 60 Facebook Posts Are Malicious
LinkedIn users feel safest, according to new social networking data gathered by Barracuda networks--but not for long.

7 Health Education Tools For Patients
Patients can benefit by getting a variety of healthcare information electronically--as these seven options prove. The tools also help healthcare organizations comply with the HITECH Act Meaningful Use requirements.

Windows 8: What IT Needs To Consider
Keep these new features, functions, and development methodology shifts in mind as you consider if and when to make the switch.


CES 2012 Gadget Wrap-Up: Cool To Crazy
The Consumer Electronics Show offers thousands of products, from the sublime to the bizarre. Check out some of the more notable entries of 2012.   View Now

CES 2012: Peek At TV's Future
8 Cool Smartphones At CES


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Lytro Camera Captures Light Field, Imagination
The much-hyped Lytro camera captures the entire light field, allowing photographers take picutres that can be refocused after the fact. We get a demonstration of the camera and its compelling capabilities at CES.   Watch

Joe Everton on GPA 4.3
PowerTrekk Fuel Cell: Water To Charge Your iPhone



Maximize ROI with Database Consolidation onto Private Clouds
Join Oracle experts Willie Hardie and Mark Townsend as they explain the business case for a private database cloud and describe the architectures that best suit your business and IT requirements. It happens Thursday, January 26, 2012 -- Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET More Information & Registration

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