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Yahoo Breach: 7 Lessons | Kindle Fire 2, Google Nexus Smackdown

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  Friday, July 13, 2012
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10 Ways Kindle Fire 2 Must Top Google Nexus
By Jeff Bertolucci
Amazon's upcoming 7-inch Kindle Fire 2 tablet needs these 10 things to take on the Google Nexus and other competitors.

Amazon Mum As Kindle Phone Rumors Swirl
Android Strengthens Lead Over U.S. Smartphone Rivals

Yahoo Password Breach: 7 Lessons Learned
What should businesses, users, and regulators take away from the Yahoo password breach? Start with encryption for all stored passwords.

Yahoo Password Breach: New Risks
Yahoo confirms 450,000 passwords breached. While leaked data appears partially outdated, hackers likely had access to more user-provided personal details.

More Data Breaches, Fewer Details For Victims
The number of hack attacks that result in breaches has increased, but businesses are releasing less information about what was stolen--or who's at fault.

Why IT Outsourcing Often Fails
IT doesn't compare to a security guard force or a legal staff. It's part of your core intellectual property.

Why These SMBs Say No To SEO
Is search engine optimization a holy grail or fool's gold? These small businesses say it's the latter, and explain why they no longer bother with it.

How 6 Tech Execs Set Social Example
For better or worse, execs prove the power of social leadership. From Benioff to Ballmer, how do tech's bigwigs stack up?

"A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood." -- General George S. Patton


Why These SMBs Say No To SEO
How 6 Tech Execs Set Social Example
Research: Innovation Mandate: Take II
Five Ways to Optimize Offsite Storage and Business Continuity
Yahoo Password Breach: New Risks
Malware from B to Z: Inside the threat from Blackhole to ZeroAccess
Virtual Event: EHRs: Beyond The Basics

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Posted By JimC:
"If the work done by supposedly brilliant foreigners who deliver superior results is on time and cost-effective, then that's the new standard for U.S. workers to match."
In reply to: "General Motors' Big Bet On U.S. Tech Talent"
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Posted By melgross:
"I wonder if it's because people are really waiting for Win 8, or because they just don't want to buy Windows machines."
In reply to: "Windows 8 Waiters Feed PC Market Slump"
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Research: Innovation Mandate: Take II
Is the U.S. rising or falling as a global IT innovation leader? An update of the exclusive research we conducted two years ago shows that business technology pros think the country is making modest progress in some areas.
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Featured Report
Strategy: SaaS, Social and Your ESB
As software-as-a-service and social media become more popular, IT needs to ensure that the enterprise service bus infrastructure is ready for hybrid systems--and the orchestration thereof.
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Featured Report


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Five Ways to Optimize Offsite Storage and Business Continuity
Storage people are from Mars. Network people are from Venus. Despite interdependencies, each group has its own acronyms, vendors, and metrics - making it difficult to communicate between these two silos. Download this white paper to find out why WAN Optimization is critical to the success of strategic storage initiatives, including replication, remote file access, and more.
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Protecting Your Brand Against Malware Threats with Code Signing
Today malware is big business for cyber criminals. The availability of exploitation kits, malware-as-a-service, rogue anti-malware software (AKA "scareware"), and other tools have made it too easy for unscrupulous individuals and criminal groups to infiltrate home and business computers and networks. Download this guide to learn how to safeguard your code signing private keys from increasingly, extremely sophisticated malware attacks.
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Yahoo Password Breach: New Risks
Yahoo confirms 450,000 passwords breached. While leaked data appears partially outdated, hackers likely had access to more user-provided personal details.

General Motors Will Slash Outsourcing In IT Overhaul
GM's new CIO Randy Mott plans to bring nearly all IT work in-house as one piece of a sweeping IT overhaul. It's a high-risk strategy that's similar to what Mott drove at Hewlett-Packard.

Secret Spy Satellite Takes Off: Stunning Images
The National Reconnaissance Office provides satellite imagery for intelligence operations and national defense. Here's a look at the agency's most recent rocket launches.

Yahoo Hack Leaks 453,000 Voice Passwords
Yahoo passwords were stored unencrypted and stolen via a SQL injection attack, attackers claim. Meanwhile, Formspring resets passwords for 28 million users after a password breach.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet: 10 Coolest Features
Google's Android 4.1 slate takes aim at Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire.


11 Super Mobile Medical Apps
Healthcare is in the middle of a mobile revolution. Doctors are adopting mobile apps that make them more effective, and patients are taking to ones that give them more control over their healthcare. Here are 11 apps that stand out from the crowd.   View Now

The iPhone 1.0 Anniversary Quiz
Google I/O: 10 Awesome Visions


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SAS CEO Dr. Jim Goodnight
InformationWeek's Doug Henschen interviews Dr. Jim Goodnight, the CEO and co-Founder of SAS, one of the industry's leaders in data analytics.   Watch

The Most Interesting IT Guy In The World, Part 2
Framehawk Mobilizes Enterprise Apps, Combines User Experience And Security



Malware from B to Z: Inside the threat from Blackhole to ZeroAccess
Drive-by downloads on the web are nothing new--these attacks exploit a user's browser to distribute malware and steal data. Join Richard Wang, Director of Threat Research at SophosLabs to learn how hackers are using Blackhole and ZeroAccess together to compromise your security. It happens Thursday, July 26, 2012. More Information & Registration

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Virtual Event: EHRs: Beyond The Basics
In this InformationWeek Healthcare virtual event, editors and experts will discuss how to improve electronic health record systems.
It happens July 31

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