When Network Connectivity Can Mean Life or Death

Lessons learned from first responder communications networks can be applied to businesses striving to improve network availability and performance under load.

Mary Beth Hall

May 17, 2019

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Network availability and performance under heavy loads are critical in many businesses. This is especially true for first responders or mission critical professionals like utility workers or healthcare providers that are responsible for answering a call at a moment’s notice, and expected to address the problem at hand quickly and efficiently – whether it’s saving a person’s life or ensuring basic amenities, such as heat and electricity, are available.

Professionals in these roles are usually out in the field responding to incidents at remote locations where connectivity may not be available or interrupted. This could be due to downed lines or an overloaded network that’s being used by a number of mobile devices. When time is of the essence to communicate back to team members, the dispatch center or victims involved, connectivity must be available and work seamlessly without fail.

This is where IT’s role becomes increasingly important to provide users with services that can access a dedicated first responder communications platform like FirstNet® that provides priority and, for first responders, pre-emption services to keep the lines of communication open, when it matters most. Dedicated communications platforms allow first responders to be able to send and receive voice, data, video, images and text messages even in times of network congestion. Utilizing a dedicated communications platform requires compatible LTE modems and firmware, appropriate SIM cards, software-enabled devices and a wireless rate plan.

Here are some examples of dedicated communications platforms where connectivity can mean life or death.

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Mary Beth Hall

Mary Beth Hall is Director of Wireless Strategy at Panasonic

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