Nortel Claims Post-3G Data Speeds Of 37 Mbps

Nortel says it is testing post-3G technology that will enable carriers to deliver wireless data at speeds as high as 37 Mbps.

March 9, 2005

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Even as 3G is just starting to be widely deployed by wireless operators, wireless infrastructure Nortel said Wednesday that, in just-completed tests, its post-3G technology delivered speeds as high as 37 Mbps.

The new technology won't be a surprise for many observers: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) combined with Multiple-Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna technology. OFDM is the basis for WiMAX and MIMO technology is already starting to appear in consumer Wi-Fi equipment.

In this case, Nortel says it would incorporate both technologies into base station equipment used by wireless operators. While Wi-Fi and initial WiMAX deployments will use unlicensed spectrum, Nortel's products will use existing licensed spectrum already in use by wireless operators.

"Nortel is innovating beyond 3G to develop future wireless broadband technologies that will leverage existing service provider investments and enhance the subscriber experience," John Hoadley, a Nortel vice president said in a statement. "We believe that OFDM and MIMO will be vital to service provider success and will be the foundation of future wireless broadband networks."

The company said in a statement that it achieved peak data speeds of about 37 Mbps over standard 5 MHz spectrum in its test facilities in Ottawa. Nortel did not specify which standards, if any, the equipment would adhere to, but it already has committed itself to WiMAX deployment and is a member of the WiMAX Forum.

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