Airgo Claims New-Gen WLAN Speeds Of 240 Mbps

The vendor claims that the third generation of its MIMO technology is significantly faster than Ethernet and that the first products will appear before the end of the year.

September 14, 2005

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WLAN technology vendor Airgo Networks said Wednesday that its next generation of Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) wireless LAN chipsets will provide data rates of as high as 240 Mbps.

The company said it is currently sampling the new chipset, which is the third generation of its MIMO technology, with WLAN equipment vendors. It said it expected the first products based on the chipset will be released later this year.

"With True MIMO Gen3 technology our team has achieved a scientific milestone by proving that wireless can surpass wired speeds," Greg Raleigh, Airgo's president and CEO said in a statement. He said that the speed is appropriate for data-intensive applications such as distributing IP-based television throughout a house.

MIMO uses multiple antennas and data streams to increase network speed and range. Airgo's previous generations of MIMO chipsets have been used by vendors such as Linksys, which is a division of Cisco, and Belkin. Reviews have consistently found that the equipment lived up to Airgo's claims.

However, while MIMO will be part of the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, 802.11n, the technology isn't yet standardized. While the company said the new chipset will be backward compatible with 802.11b and g equipment, even equipment vendors have acknowledged that MIMO-based equipment released prior to ratification of the standard is unlikely to be forward compatible with standardized products..The announcement comes on the heals of the release of products based on the second generation of Airgo's technology, which provides nearly the same speeds and coverage as the first generation but at lower cost. (Click here for a review of a router based on this technology.)

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