3G Adoption Speeding Up, Study Says

While still in the early adopter phase, adoption of 3G is likely to pick up significantly as more devices become available and as prices come down, a new Yankee Group

September 21, 2005

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There are strong indications showing that users are starting to get interested in 3G even though the fast cellular data technology got off to a slow start, according to a study released Wednesday by Yankee Group.

The study, which focused on Europe, said that 3G growth will continue to ramp up as more handsets hit the market and prices continue to come down.

"The usage statistics for 3G content services are particularly encouraging," Declan Lonergan, Yankee Group's director of wireless and mobile research for Europe, said in a statement.

He noted, however, that adoption still is in the early adopter stage.

"Although some of these services are offered as special promotions to encourage 3G adoption, there is nonetheless a healthy appetite for rich 3G content among certain early-adopter customer segments," Lonergan said. "Mobile TV is one of the most promising of these services."The report came to its conclusions after studying results from a number of European wireless operators, according to Yankee Group.

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