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Wi-Fi Surpasses Ethernet In Home Networking: Survey

More households now use Wi-Fi networking than Ethernet, a trend that will lead to an explosion of new applications, according to a survey released this week by Parks Associates.

"This is truly a watershed finding," John Barrett, director of research at Parks Associates, said in a statement. "Establishing a solid base of wireless home networks is crucial for the adoption of next-generation services. Many applications such as home control, home security, or even multimedia distribution are impractical with an Ethernet-only network."

Barrett tied the increasing adoption of Wi-Fi in the home to cable and DSL broadband providers encouraging users to deploy wireless networks.

"Service providers have been aggressive in bundling wireless home networks with broadband service over the last year," Barrett said. "It's a smart move that will ultimately pay off for them because they will be best positioned to offer next-generation services to the consumer."

In the U.S., 52 percent of networked households now use Wi-Fi, the survey found. About 50 percent use Ethernet with some households using both, according to the survey.