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Wi-Fi Enhances Personal Relationships, Not Just Productivity: Report

Wi-Fi enhances personal relationships as well as productivity, according to 46% of Americans polled for a recent Wi-Fi Alliance survey.

Out of the 1,000 Americans surveyed from various incomes, 65% said Wi-Fi technology helps them stay in touch with friends and family through tools such as instant messaging and email. Wi-Fi also improves online socializing, according to 53%. The amount of time saved from using high speed access allows for more free time, which 68% use to be more productive at home and 61% use for their own personal time, such as spending time with a spouse.

Wi-Fi technology will also improve the mobility of online work, the survey reports. According to 74%, this freedom will allow them to get out of their home office and do work in other locations. When traveling for personal reasons, 70% will be more inclined to bring their laptops to wireless enabled hotels and restaurants.

"We have seen considerable anecdotal evidence that Wi-Fi can change the way we work, play and live, and these results give us considerable insight into how wireless networking can improve daily life," Frank Hanzlik of Wi-Fi Alliance said in a statement.