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Wi-Fi Continues to Surge; Airport Hotspots Lead the Way

Wireless connectivity provider iPass published a report this week revealing a 44 percent global increase in Wi-Fi hotspot use by business professionals in the second half of last year. Europe posted the biggest regional jump in the number of sessions with a 74 percent surge in wireless traffic, compared with 33 percent growth in the United States.

Yesterday, we discussed the ongoing role of Wi-Fi in an increasingly 3G world. Among the thoughts from our editors: For-pay Wi-Fi is becoming less important as free hotspots proliferate. At the same time, truly ubiquitous 3G services are becoming cheap enough to be a reasonable alternative to hunting down hotspots. But Wi-Fi growth isn't slowing yet.
Rich Karpinski
NWC Online Editor

The iPass Wi-Fi Hotspot Index is based on hotspot session statistics collected from its network, consisting of more than 76,000 hotspots in 68 countries.

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