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Verizon Business Focuses On Retail With AirDefense Offering

Verizon Business has announced plans to offer Motorola's wireless security services in a management service. Motorola's AirDefense solutions will be offered through Verizon's Framework for Retail, a program specifically focused on the issues of retail market.  Wireless security is the first of a series of services that Verizon to plans to deliver to minimize the glut of point solutions that make up most retailers enterprise infrastructure.

The Framework for Retail is a new focus on the retail vertical market for Verizon Business, the services arm of the company.  Within this framework, Verizon hopes to combat what it refers to as "point-solution pollution": the string of one-off products that mash together to form the business systems for most retailers.  Starting with wireless security, Verizon Business plans to offer a range of the key components needed by most retailers in the form of managed services. Unlike point solutions, Verizon is choosing solution partners that interoperate together. In the early phases of their framework, Verizon is delivering these components as managed services, but ultimately plans to push these services into the cloud for retail enterprises.

For WLAN security, Verizon has chosen Motorola's AirDefense suite. AirDefense offers the typical WLAN intrusion detection and prevention, network troubleshooting and performance monitoring, as well as reporting and auditing capabilities for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. Under the Verizon program, AirDefense will be deployed for its customers either as a wholly Verizon Business managed solution or a more limited monitoring engagement.  

Ultimately, the partnership between Motorola and Verizon Business benefits everyone involved. Wireless security is a particular pain point for the retail segment, and a number of high profile intrusions have only increased the need to secure the airwaves. By delivering AirDefense as a managed service, Verizon Business can dedicate resources focused on security, rather than the wireless administrators that are also tasked with securing it in many enterprises.