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VeriSign Delivers Managed Security for WLANs

While other managed security service providers (MSSPs) may privately offer managed wireless IDS/IPS, this is only the second public announcement in this market. The last one was a little less than three years ago, by an outfit previously known as Full Mesh that used Red-M's technology to provide WIDPS for less than a penny per square foot per month with no start-up charges. Full Mesh has now morphed into a managed security access provider, WiTopia, and Red-M never made any visible impact into the WIDPS market. VeriSign starts on a much better footing: It carries a level of credibility and brand recognition that few can match and it has at its side a strong WIDPS vendor, AirMagnet. Although AirMagnet won our first two WIDPS reviews, when we last reviewed this sector AirMagnet performed poorly in our remote WAN usage test. To be fair, as we noted in our write-up, if architected correctly AirMagnet's impact on the WAN is roughly comparable to its competitors, and VeriSign may very well collocate the server at the customer's main site. Existing enterprises that already outsource their security services should be asking their MSSPs for comparable solutions, and those not currently outsourcing security should revisit the topic of WIDPS again.
Frank Bulk
NWC Contributing Editor

VeriSign this week delivered a new wireless intrusion prevention product that aims to deliver wireless security as a service.

The new offering, called the VeriSign Wireless Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS), is built on AirMagnet's Enterprise software, which provides tools to set up, secure and manage enterprise wireless networks.

With the service, every enterprise WLAN is monitored 24/7 for optimal performance and availability, and a suite of active tools allows managers to troubleshoot problems remotely. Users receive reports that document all events, as well as automated audits of the wireless network for compliance with IT policies.

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