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Vendor Simplifies Managing Mixed Avaya-Cisco Environments

By supporting both Avaya and Cisco VoIP portfolios, Integrated Research has claimed a unique niche. But the number of installations where such a scenario is used is questionable. Avaya's high concentration within the call center and Cisco's focus on the larger enterprise probably have created logical organizational distinctions between the two environments. Where such a distinction exists, the support organizations will likely be separate as well, lessening the need for the single comprehensive view Prognosis provides.
David Greenfield
NWC Editor

Any network manager who's tried to manage a voice network operating on voice over IP systems from both Cisco Systems and Avaya knows it isn't easy. Running Avaya Communication Manager and Cisco Unified CallManager (now Cisco Unified Communications Manager) side-by-side significantly complicates the maintenance of voice quality, logging and reporting.

Integrated Research thinks it has the answer.

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