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Unlocking The Business Benefit Of Wireless

Editor's Note: Welcome to SmartAdvice, a weekly column by The Advisory Council (TAC), an advisory service firm. The feature answers two questions of core interest to you, ranging from career advice to enterprise strategies to how to deal with vendors. Submit questions directly to [email protected]

Question A: Is there a next generation for wireless applications, or have we reached the end of the line for now?

Our advice: The mobile workforce is now the ubiquitous workforce. Workers are armed with cell phones, PDAs track appointments, RIM BlackBerries zip E-mails back and forth, and laptop-toting employees roam from cubicle to conference room. We've mobilized the workforce, but is that all there is to wireless?

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Wireless technology is not a panacea. Often, existing technologies are sufficient or just simpler to implement and support. Nevertheless, new wireless capabilities and applications appear every day, and existing capabilities broaden, creating significant opportunities to gain business advantage. Maybe it's time to take another look at wireless technology and position your company ahead of the curve.

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