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Two MDM Vendors Make Tablets Into Purpose-Specific Devices

As connectivity improves and handheld devices proliferate, companies are increasingly looking to use them for purpose-specific applications like retail point of sale or order-entry systems. The challenge is locking the devices down. Two mobile device management (MDM) providers have both recently unveiled new products and upgrades they say will help organizations do just that.

AirWatch has made upgrades to its Android and iOS agents. Now available for Android 3.1x are the following applications:

    • AirWatch Telecom Service: The company says Telecom Service gives IT administrators the ability to capture device call logs, SMS and cellular data usage.


  • AirWatch Kiosk: Locks down devices to show only whitelisted applications, while restricting access to all other apps and settings.



  • AirWatch Secure Browser: Enables IT to manage corporate browsing by blacklisting/whitelisting certain webpages or limiting access to an individual page as a kiosk.



  • AirWatch HTC Enterprise Service: An add-on application that activates support for HTC Pro enterprise features for select HTC devices.



  • AirWatch Lenovo Enterprise Service: An add-on that activates support for Lenovo enterprise features for select Lenovo devices.


For users of iOS 4.0, AirWatch has also redesigned its MDM Agent UI. It now provides a central view of device information, including compromised and enrollment statuses, and a message center that lets users view Apple Push Notification Service messages, as well as compliance notifications that have been sent to the device. The upgrade can also capture and transmit total data usage and minutes used, detect when location services are disabled and prompt users to enable the services, according to the company, which counts GE, Lowe's and United Airlines among its customers

Soti has announced new technology that will let corporations manage security policies across Android devices, regardless of the manufacturer. Its MobiControlincludes help desk tools with real-time remote control, a secure content locker, silent installation of applications and updates, policies for controlling access to corporate email, device lockdown/kiosk functionality, and remote wipe of corporate data or the full device.

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