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T-Mobile USA To Have 3G By 2007: Exec

T-Mobile USA is likely to offer 3G service in 2007, an executive of the cellular operator's parent company said this week.

"We want to carry on our business there," Rene Obermann, head of Deutsche Telekom's mobile business, was quoted by the Reuters news service as saying this week. "We want to invest ... We hope to be able to offer 3G services in 2007."

T-Mobile USA, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom, is the smallest of the four nationwide cellular operators in the U.S. It also is the only nationwide carrier that is not actively rolling out 3G service. In addition, speculation was rampant earlier this year that Deutsche Telekom planned to sell the U.S.carrier.

However, Deutsche Telekom executives have said in the last couple of weeks that the company will not sell T-Mobile USA.