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Survivor's Guide to 2007: Network and Systems Management


Even Among IT Pros, a skeptical bunch, NSM practitioners stand out. Years of vendor hype followed by dashed expectations have made us cynical. In this year's NWC Reader Poll, seven of every 10 respondents opined that no one has ever finished a network management platform deployment. That's got to be a slight exaggeration.

Our outlook should improve as significant transformations shake up NSM on both the technology and human fronts. On the tech side, the moves are driven in large part by higher CMDB (configuration management database) usage that will enable cross-domain analytics and integrated and consistent approaches to infrastructure and application discovery. Kiss those siloed, toolset-by-toolset affairs goodbye. It's a matter of survival: If you're not worried about new technologies that demand a more unified, integrated approach to management, most notably SOAs (service-oriented architectures), you're not paying attention.

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