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Survivor's Guide to 2005: Mobile and Wireless

Mobile Devices

On the surface, wireless-capable mobile devices, from notebook computers to smartphones, sport a certain elegant simplicity. But we know that designing and managing a wireless data infrastructure is complex--under slick designs and vendor vows of seamless interoperability lurk a polar bear or two waiting to swallow you alive.

In 2005, watch for the most significant platform shift since the emergence of the notebook computer more than 10 years ago. Don't get the wrong idea: Notebooks aren't going away, nor will their refinement stall as they make the transition from desktop supplement to desktop replacement. But providing access to business information on a handheld computing device is compelling.

2005 Survivor's Guide

• Introduction

• Business Strategies

• Security

• Network and Systems


• Mobile & Wireless

• Digital Convergence
• Business Applications

• Infrastructure

• Storage and Servers
• Special SMBs

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