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Study: U.S. Data Center Utility Bills Approach $3 Billion

Cost-conscious companies are paying a big price to power their data centers. According to the results of a recent study funded by processor maker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), U.S. businesses spend $2.7 billion on electricity to run and cool their servers. The same research pegs worldwide data-center utility costs at $7.2 billion.

It wasn't all that long ago that raised-floor data centers with chilled water cooling and airflow systems that would be at home in wind tunnels seemed like overkill. Not so today: Rapid increases in server and storage-system densities are straining existing data-center power and cooling capabilities, yet our hunger for processing power and storage shows no signs of abating. Although application specialists and IT architects have been packing data centers with blade systems, massive storage systems, and 1U and 2U servers, it's only been by the grace of mainframe forebears that most facilities still function adequately. But don't count on data center designs of the previous century to do the job much longer. A redesign may be in order.
Ron Anderson
NWC Contributing Editor

From: NWC Analytics Data Center Power Issues Tech Report

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