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Spectralink Adds SIP to VoFi Phones

After years of hesitation, SpectraLink has finally released a SIP software load for its popular Vo-Fi phones. Three or four years ago, during a SpectraLink vendor visit the company showed a slide or two dedicated to SIP and how SpectraLink felt the standard wasn't ready for implementation into wireless handsets. The IETF hasn't simplified things since then, but there is an increasing market demand to supply a robust and enterprise-grade wireless handset that works with a growing number of SIP-enabled PBXs. Hitachi is the only other wireless handset vendor with such support. Even Cisco Systems has acknowledged it has plans to develop a SIP load for its new 7921G.
Frank Bulk
NWC Contributing Editor

Wireless business phone vendor SpectraLink has made its support for the Session Iniation Protocol (SIP) official, recently demonstrating its wireless handsets working with Digium's SIP-based open-source VoIP platform.

SpectraLink said Digium has tested and certified that its NetLink wireless phones are interoperable with the IP telephony software vendor's Asterisk Business edition IP PBX platform.

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