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Sloppy Habits Lead To Mobile Security Shambles -- Report

LONDON — A third of professionals using mobile devices such as PDAs and smartphones do not use passwords or any other security protection, according to a survey by Pointsec Mobile Technologies. The results are all the more staggering as three out of ten of these sloppy handheld happy users were found to store their PIN numbers, passwords and other corporate information on them.

What’s more, The Mobile Usage Survey 2005, the fourth in the series from Pointsec, was conducted amongst IT professionals who are supposedly more security savvy than the average employee.

According to the survey, corporate personnel now store huge amounts of corporate data on their mobile devices, including customer contacts, email details, passwords and bank account details as well as personal and private information.

Pointsec warns a lost PDA or smartphone with no protection makes easy pickings for common thieves, opportunists, hackers or competitors. And the company says turning a blind eyes to mobile security could have a huge impact on customer confidence, cause an organisation to breach the data protection act or do untold damage to a company's reputation.

On a personal level, it could expose users to fraud, embarrass friends or wreck personal lives, the survey revealed.

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