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Rollout: Sybase's Information Anywhere Suite

The Upshot

Sybase Information Anywhere Suite provides a secure, manageable platform for businesses deploying a variety of mobile applications, from e-mail delivery to database, content and enterprise applications.
Although RIM's BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) provides best-in-class mobile e-mail support, companies with Windows Mobile or Symbian devices have another option in Sybase's Information Anywhere Suite. Sybase subsidiary iAnywhere Solutions challenges BES for enabling more complex mobile deployments.
The five separate components in Sybase Information Anywhere Suite still require integration. Sybase has taken the first steps with the release of the management tool, Afaria 5.5, and e-mail application, OneBridge 5.5. The two products, when combined, deliver a secure e-mail solution that represents strong competition to market leader RIM. The remaining three applications provide a better framework to develop complex applications than BlackBerry.

Sybase Information Anywhere Suite

Sybase wants to become a one-stop shop for your enterprise's mobility needs. Through its subsidiary, iAnywhere Solutions, the database server software vendor is pulling together several apps to create a secure, manageable platform for access to e-mail and many other enterprise apps on a wide range of mobile devices and OSs. The Sybase Information Anywhere Suite targets organizations deploying their first mobile e-mail solutions as well as ones that want to provide access to complex mobile applications.

The Information Anywhere Suite includes five products: Afaria provides mobile device and desktop management and security; OneBridge enables mobile e-mail; M-Business Anywhere enables content applications; SQL Anywhere enables mobile SQL applications; and Unwired Accelerator gives access to enterprise applications.

Application and Feature Support

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Although iAnywhere still has work to do before these pieces will coalesce into a truly unified mobile platform, it has gotten off to an auspicious start with the release of Afaria, originally an XcelleNet product, and OneBridge 5.5, which came with Sybase's acquisition of Extended Systems. Together these two products portend worthy competition for market leader Research in Motion.

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