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Rollout: ShoreTel's E911 and

The Upshot

ShoreTel introduces two new standalone telephony applications for its IP PBX systems: E911 and integration.

ShoreTel made a splash with its highly scalable, easily managed IP telephony architecture. To meet expectations, this industry darling has begun integrating telephony applications with its VoIP hardware.

A reasonable start for an up-and-comer, ShoreTel's two applications, lack of Web services and smaller size nevertheless put the company in a slightly different league than telephony veterans such as Avaya and Siemens.

ShoreTel IP PBX

IP telephony vendors have long marketed their products under the notion that combining voice and data would enable a "business transformation." Delivering on that transformation, however, has been another matter. ShoreTel, though, took a critical step toward this transformation last month, with the release of its integrated application strategy.

The strategy calls for ShoreTel to develop standalone telephony applications and enhancements to existing business applications, to go along with its IP PBX systems. The company added telephony capabilities to the customer resource management application and rolled out an Enhanced 911 application for large companies. ShoreTel also launched DevNet, a professional services organization to coordinate the work being done by 350 resellers and end users who joined ShoreTel's developer program.

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