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Rollout: Mimosa's NearPoint 2.1

The Upshot

Mimosa's NearPoint 2.0 for Microsoft Exchange Server archives e-mail in near real time and provides disaster recovery. It also adds robust auditing and storage-compliance capabilities to your e-mail infrastructure--all without adding agents.

In many industries, e-mail archiving and record retention are required. Failure to comply with federal or industry-specific regs can expose companies to hefty fines and bad press.

NearPoint 2.0 shares a number of basic features with e-mail archiving packages from EMC, Waterford and Zantaz, but receives top praise for self-service flexibility.

Mimosa's NearPoint 2.0

Mimosa has taken a good product for Exchange e-mail archiving and created an even better offering for large enterprises in tightly regulated industries. NearPoint 2.0 for Microsoft Exchange Server features an automated method of off-loading Exchange storage. It migrates large attachments out of Exchange to less-costly NearPoint storage. You can still search the contents of attachments and recall migrated attachments with a single click.

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