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Rollout: F-Secure Client Security 7

The Upshot

F-Secure Client Security 7 aims to provide a comprehensive security suite to protect Windows desktops and servers without breaking the bank. New rootkit detection software is added to both signature- and behavioral-based detection capabilities. It's sized for deployments of five to 15,000 hosts.
Most conventional antivirus vendors offer all-in-one security suites that include anti-spyware and firewall capabilities. F-Secure distinguishes itself with its Blacklight rootkit detector and low price, but its feature set is comparable to products from McAfee and Symantec.
Client Security 7 performs well and is easy to manage. It's also less expensive than competing products, making it ideal for a business that doesn't have a managed security suite in place or that is looking to reduce licensing costs. But that may not be enough to entice satisfied enterprises to rip and replace existing security software..

F-Secure Client Security 7

When it comes to client security suites, McAfee and Symantec are Coke and Pepsi. They are ubiquitous, most enterprises already consume one or the other, and both generally provide the same experience. The goal for smaller vendors like F-Secure, Kaspersky Lab, Sophos and Trend Micro is to convince customers that there's a reason to try a third brand.

F-Secure has a two-pronged strategy: Address emerging threats and compete on price. Its Client Security 7 adds rootkit detection to a solid portfolio that includes anti-malware detection and removal, a stateful firewall, and intrusion prevention. Rootkits hide malicious programs from conventional security software, and their use is on the rise. However, technological advantages are fleeting; McAfee and Symantec have introduced rootkit detection to their enterprise client suites.

Price may be a more compelling argument: F-Secure offers similar features and a good management platform--F-Secure Policy Manager lets admins push clients to PCs, create and configure policies, and report on events--at a fraction of the cost of a product from the Big Two.

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