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Rollout: eTelemetry's Metron

The Upshot

Metron monitors Internet usage, uniquely identifying each user's traffic. The Locate appliance tracks who logs in to each client and can link user IDs to machines and ports.

Network managers keep track of Internet usage for budgets and slacker tracking. Most products sit in the user's data path, however--an inconvenient option that also makes it impossible to collect such data unobtrusively.

Metron tracks user Internet usage, up to 45 Mbps, transparently. It can alert admins if a user's surfing or IM session lasts too long. By comparison with firewall tools or content filters, though, it's passive and expensive.


Ever since high-speed internet access became ubiquitous, managers have worried that otherwise dedicated employees would fritter away their days shopping and reading Dilbert cartoons. Although there are several ways to track each person's Internet usage based on IP address, only eTelemetry's Metron appliance can identify the user without forcing that person to authenticate at the gateway.

Metron tracks down network miscreants, and does its job out of band, so users aren't aware that Big Brother is watching. Proxy servers, virus strippers, firewalls and content filters, such as those from SurfControl and Websense, monitor Internet usage and sit in the data path between your users and the Internet. Metron, by contrast, examines Internet traffic from a switch port you've configured to mirror the data flowing on the port connected to the inside of your firewall.

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