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RIM APIs Add Glitz to BlackBerry

Fresh off the success of the flashier BlackBerry Pearl, RIM this week released a series of programming APIs that will let developers build a wider array of applications for BlackBerry mobile devices.

Clearly the majority of applications for which RIM is introducing APIs are geared toward capitalizing on the multimedia features introduced in the BlackBerry Pearl, and also featured in the 8800. By opening up these features to third-party developers through this new kit, I'm sure RIM hopes to extend the consumer success of the Pearl into the enterprise. The GPS APIs may hold particular interest for enterprise developers, who may be able to build their own location-enabled applications for devices like the 8800.
Sean Ginevan
NWC Contributing Editor

RIM's success is largely dependent on its success in the enterprise, where features like cameras, audio/video players and media expansion slots are often viewed as distractions--or worse, potential security concerns.

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