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Review: Project Management for Outlook

All businesses have projects. Although managing projects in an organized and coordinated way can be a challenge even for experienced project managers, that's why there are software applications like Microsoft Project Manager.

If you are skilled in using MS Project Manager, you can put together complex projects, assign resources and dependencies, generate Gantt charts, and generally stay on top of the progress of your projects. The problem is that most of the people in small offices and on project teams don't have the same skills, or even want the same level of involvement in the management of the projects. They want email updates, simple ways to understand and report progress, and no extra software.

TrackerOffice is a natural for these folks. The application lives alongside Microsoft Exchange Server and presents its information within the Microsoft Outlook client application. This combination removes the complexities of dedicated project management applications and presents the information in a familiar context. It also adds a missing component to the process; the communication function.

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TrackerOffice uses some of Outlook's existing functionality to present information in the context of Outlook folders. It uses customized forms to present project and task information, and produces alerts and updates from its data. Those reports are then sent automatically via email to the participants.

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