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Review: Belkin's Faster, Cheaper MIMO Router

Most of us know that, when it comes to WLAN equipment, if we want more speed and range, we must pay more money. That's certainly been the case with Wi-Fi equipment based on Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) technology, which has been available in pre-standard form for quite a while.

That's changing, however, with the release of Belkin's new Wireless G+MIMO router. Unlike the company's previous Pre-N router (review here), a similar device from Linksys (review here) and one from Netgear using different MIMO technology, Belkin's new router costs less than a hundred bucks.

Belkin's latest MIMO router is based on a new, less expensive chipset from Airgo Networks. A router based on the same chipset was just released by Linksys and don't be surprised if more vendors follow suit.

In other words, MIMO, which eventually will be part of the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, 802.11n, is becoming mainstream even though it's not yet a standard.

The Same, But Different

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