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Return Of The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays. They're back and they're bad.

Hey, it's not like you didn't know they were coming. But you've ignored them in favor of that last-minute project you had to take care of -- and now you've got to find perfect gifts for friends, family, and the guy in the third cubicle on the left whose name you got in the office draw.

Yes, the holidays can be tough. Right now you're probably saying to yourself, "What do I get for the person whose idea of a relaxing evening is fighting their way through a virtual 23rd-century world, editing digital videos to post on YouTube, or driving for miles in order to test a new GPS system? Especially if they already own a computer, a camera, or a GPS?"

Remain calm. We've got the answer for you. We hereby bring you our second annual Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: the most exciting, useful, awe-inspiring, or just plain cool stuff available via the Web.

The Ultimate
Holiday Gift Guide

•  Introduction

•  Gettin' Tuneful

•  Video To Go

•  Video To Stay

•  E-Wearables

•  The Game's Afoot

•  Photographica

•  Camcorder Heaven

•  On The Road

•  Off The Wall

•  Image Gallery
  • Image conscious? Scout Photographica and Camcorder Heaven for the right gear to turn those creative visions into images and videos.
  • Want to help your favorite geek style up? E-Wearables could convince the most tech-obsessed to raise their fashion quotient.
  • If you want entertainment, check out Gettin' Tuneful, Video To Go, and Video To Stay for media players, displays, video recorders, and associated gadgets.
  • Got game? Go directly (Do Not Pass Go) to The Game's Afoot to find the stuff that will score highest this season.
  • If you're taking it to go, get it from On The Road, including the best in GPS units and several snazzy gadgets for your auto.
  • And finally, if you need some just-plain-weird, it's available for prices ranging from $13 to if-you-have-to-ask in Off The Wall.
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