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Report Predicts Widespread Enterprise Adoption of 3G

A new study by Yankee Group released Tuesday predicts that 55 percent of U.S. enterprises will make use of 3G cellular data networks by the middle of 2006.

After years of promises, most U.S. wireless operators are rolling out 3G networks that have the potential to be attractive to enterprise users. And while adoption will inevitably occur, Eugene Signorini, author of the study, said that barriers to enterprise adoption remain.

While enterprises reveal they are ready to adopt wireless solutions, they also indicate that barriers to adoption remain in addition to insufficient wireless network data speeds, such as security, cost constraints and lack of widespread coverage," Signorini said in a statement.. "The corporate-minded wireless carrier must assist enterprises by providing out-of-the-box applications or by partnering with third-party technology providers to solve mobile computing challenges."

Verizon Wireless confirmed Monday that it expects to have its 1xEV-DO network deployed in more than 30 percent of its U.S. footprint by the end of 2004. Sprint PCS has also announced an aggressive roll-out plan and Cingular Wireless has said it hopes to have its UMTS 3G network deployed sometime in 2006 and possibly by late 2005.

The Yankee Group study called the widespread deployment of 3G in the U.S. an "inflection point for enterprise mobility."