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Red Hat's Latest OS Goes Virtual

Linux software vendor Red Hat unveiled the newest edition of its operating system platform, including an enterprise server version with integrated virtualization.

Red Hat has finally included all that Linux community effort on Fedora Core 6 into its commercial offering. Perhaps with Red Hat providing clustering and virtualization it may pull into its fold those shops that have been rolling their own servers with distros like Centos. The attraction of support services has always been a selling point for Red Hat over staffing your own gurus.

Robert Moskowitz
NWC Contributing Editor

The storage and server virtualization technology built into the Enterprise Linux 5 Advanced Platform makes it possible for multiple OSs to run as separate virtual machines on a single server. In critical server environments, IT can run an unlimited number of virtualized guest OSs on a single physical server or within a server cluster. The virtual machines can be clustered to support applications that require high-availability.

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