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Raxco's PerfectDisk Defragmenter

Disk drives continue to grow in capacity, and the growing size and quantity of digital files means that you need more frequent access to larger files. In a commercial environment, files may be located on a server, desktop, or laptop, and copying files between locations only adds to the drive traffic. Increased drive traffic leads to increased fragmentation on drives as the free areas are available for new files continues to shrink.

Most users don't really understand why defragmenting a drive is a good thing. However even if they comprehend the benefits of defragmenting their drives on a regular basis, the likelihood of them actually running the defrag program is as likely as their creating regular backups.

Microsoft's Disk Defragment tool can make a difference to system performance if it is used, but true management of the process is nearly impossible because the program lacks critical management features like remote configuration and installation. Raxco's PerfectDisk is specifically designed to deliver highly optimized defragmentation on a full range of Windows operating systems across organizations running as few as one PC up to those that have thousands installed.

Ease of installation

Installation of PerfectDisk on a single PC is simple, requiring only the insertion of the CD and running the wizard. Happily, installation on multiple PCs is almost as simple, and what makes it that way is its flexibility in using standard remote/network installation facilities you may already be using. PerfectDisk integrates with Microsoft's Active Directory Group Policy, Windows Installer, Systems Management Server, and can be deployed through most third-party systems by using PerfectDisk's command line interface.

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