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PredatorWatch Network Security Appliance Targets Mobile Devices in SMBs

PredatorWatch has announced a new network security appliance designed to provide cost-effective, yet thorough coverage for small and midsized enterprises, with a focus on protecting mobile devices and wireless LANs. PredatorWatch Auditor 128 integrates a wide range of network security audit functions in a compact form factor, and includes automated features that track mobile devices and detect wireless routers.

The appliance is designed to give administrators control over mobile devices that, unsecured, can make their networks vulnerable to attack. It automatically detects and tracks network assets, including laptop PCs, mobile devices and wireless routers as soon as they connect to the network, and audits up to 256 IP addresses for common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).

Auditor 128 then shares this audit information with a firewall to block access to these devices until they can be secured. While enterprises typically focus their security countermeasures on external intrusions, according to PredatorWatch more than 95% of security breaches are due to CVEs that can be exploited on any computer.

According to PredatorWatch CEO Gary Miliefsky, Auditor 128's ease of use and deployment will greatly simplify small and mid-sized network security. "The turnkey solution is like a Swiss Army knife of security for IT managers and security consultants," he said in a statement. "Its simple dashboard and one-click approach to Enterprise Security Management allows organizations with little to no IT help to simplify the security and regulatory compliance processes."

Auditor 128 is available at prices starting at $1295. Users can purchase software plug-ins to provide reporting for regulations compliance and security policy-building features for $19 per month. PredatorWatch also provides a CVE update service starting at $59 per month.