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PhatNet Monitors, Analyses LANs, WLANs, WANs Using Pocket PCs

Software company PhatWare Corporation today released
a new software tool allowing network administrators, IT managers, developers and other IT/network professionals to monitor/decode, filter, capture, diagnose and analyze packet traffic from wired and wireless LANs, and WANs, using Windows Mobile handheld computers running Pocket PC 2002 or later. (No PalmOS version is planned.)

"It turns your Pocket PC into a network sniffer analyzer)," explains Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare.

PhatNet is based on CEMyNetwork (originally named CEniffer) which PhatWare
acquired from Epiphan Consulting Inc.
in September 2003.
PhatNet's GUI is built on PhatWare's Windows Mobile interface technology.

PhatNet is available from in two versions: PhatNet Professional Edition, $299, and PhatNet Professional Edition, $99. (PhatWare is offering $50 off both prices through August 31, 2004.)

The Professional Edition supports both Ethernet (wired and unwired) and PPP connections, allowing users to see low-level Ethernet packets, including, in promiscuous mode, all packets on the network segment, not just those sent to the device, notes Miasnikov. "For example, if somebody is using a wireless Access Point to send spam, you can see all those packet." (The Pocket PC will need built-in or add-on Ethernet or 802.11 connectivity, of course.)

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