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Opsware Delivers ITIL-Driven App Management

Opsware unveiled a new Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-compliant software package this week aimed at streamlining the application deployment and upgrade process from beginning to end by pulling together both change and process automation. The vendor said the software can automate invoiced deployments involving hundreds of devices to ensure successful application rollouts.

"ITIL-compliant" is a little like "HIPAA-compliant." I remain cagy about companies that offer products for problems that are process-oriented. Yes, it seems Opsware can offer a rich and comprehensive CMDB (what it's calling an OMDB), but most organizations shoot themselves in the foot if they create a CMDB that doesn't follow the "keep it simple, stupid!" principle. Finally, one-click changes aren't the challenge; getting your engineers to follow the process is the challenge. That said, it seems Opsware's connectors could be helpful in targeting and fragging noncompliant rogue engineers.
Jonathan Feldman
NWC Contributing Editor

The new Opsware "application release management system" blends technology from Opsware's Server Automation System with process-automation software technology the vendor picked up in its recent acquisition of iConclude to manage an entire application lifecycle.

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